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Movie theatres stare at empty seats; no Bollywood releases slated for February and March

The Coronavirus cases and losses may have dwindled definitely. This doesn’t mean crowds are hurrying back to cinemas with overwhelming joy in their heart and popcorn packs in their grasp. A long way from it. Cinemas all over India wear a grim desolate look, similar to an as Salman Khan appropriately put it.

What’s more, it won’t improve in February or March. Stunning as it might sound; there are no new deliveries to be placed into cinemas.

How long would we be able to get by on extras?” a source from one of the main multiplex chains moans about. “We are running named rendition Master to discharge theaters. It is a miserable circumstance.

The voracity of makers to snatch fast bucks offered to them has effectively closed off all prospects of a recovery in the film business. Concerning trusts being raised after the achievement of two South Indian movies Master Krack in January is concerned, maker Sheetal Talwar says it was a bogus expectation. “Vijay’s fan clubs in Master hit. Also, Ravi Tejaa’s fans Krack a hit. A similar crowd will not return for another entertainer’s delivery.

With no expectation of restoration in fortunes, cinemas in India are taking a gander at the dejected chance of shutting down once more. Except if something totally surprising occurs.


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