Bhumi Pednekar collaborates with a local climate warrior who turns pollution into ink

Bhumi Pednekar has always been an environmentally conscious citizen who has taken up climate conservation as a cause to raise awareness among fellow Indians. Bhumi has launched a lauded online and offline initiative called Climate Warrior through which she is mobilising citizens of India to contribute towards protecting the environment. Bhumi has now collaborated with Anirudh Sharma, a climate warrior, who is turning pollution into usable ink with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our country!

“Anirudh Sharma is a climate warrior. He is the co-creator of Air-Ink (Graviky) and he is a very cool inventor who actually invented a device that turns pollution into ink and it actually reduces your carbon footprint while you ride. His innovation has spread to various artist and scientist communities and he has some fantastic ideas with Air-Ink,” says Bhumi Pednekar, who has made it her life’s mission to raise awareness on climate protection.

Graviky began as an MIT Media Lab experiment that saw a tool being created to capture soot from a burning candle. Then, Anirudh invented a device that captured air pollution and turned the captured particulate matter into a safe, water-based ink. Now, he has created a dedicated team trying to change industrial production with forays into packaging, apparel printing, and advanced materials. Anirudh also upcycles air pollution into sustainable inks, paints, coatings, plastics, and construction materials!

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