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SEVENTEEN’s THE8 can’t stop falling in love in cameo-filled ‘Side By Side’ music video

New music is coming from SEVENTEEN, the popular K-pop group. The month was kicked off with a mixtape release of the member Hoshi called ‘Spider’. Now, taking the month of music forward is the member THE8, real name Xu Minghao, with his single ‘Side By Side’ released both in Chinese and Korean.

The music video has Korean version lyrics. It starts with THE8 meeting a girl at a bar as he reimagines scenario what it feels like falling in love. He is seen sitting beside a girl, going on a long drive, spending time at a library, and well, dancing to woo her. He croons, “I want to hold hands with you but / I don’t know what to do what to do, oh baby / I want to give all my heart to you but / I’m lost for words when I’m before you.”

As the video adorably moves forward, you see surprise cameos from SEVENTEEN members DK, Jun, and Dino. You see sparks flying and it is all a happy ending for the loved-up couple. The music video ends with some behind-the-scenes moments. The dance break showcases his strong screen presence and overall, the music video gives you an instant rush of feelings of how once you felt when you first fell in love.

The latest single ‘Side By Side’ is THE8’s first solo track since the release of ‘Falling Down’ a year ago and showcases his unique sentimentality and his growth as an artist, offered in two versions (Chinese and Korean) as a special gift to long-awaiting fans.

Sung as a tale of wistful feelings from a love that’s not returned, ‘Side By Side’ is filled with loving emotions as well as delicate guitar chords, minimal yet supple drums, and bass, and delightful pluck sounds that add fun to the music. An addictive melody and a simple but memorable performance make the song a stand-out, and THE 8’s personal contributions to the melody and lyrics make the song even more complete.



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