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“We did some suggestive scenes that suggested that they fall in love towards the end” – reveals Shahab Ali on his deleted scenes with Samantha Akkineni in The Family Man 2

They say it’s difficult the saint who makes a show superhit, a scoundrel is similarly dependable in it. All things considered, genuinely Shahabh Ali demonstrated this stage totally right. The entertainer has an incredible commitment in the covert agent thrill ride, The Family Man 2. The entertainer attempted the part of Sajid and been getting a tremendous measure of affection and appreciation for his presentation in the show.

In a restrictive meeting with, Shahabh uncovered that his character should go gaga for Samantha Akkineni’s Rajji and there were some cozy scenes between the two that were erased in the last stage. The entertainer said, “It’s difficult the personal scenes. It was the typical interaction – you have a long show and there is the cycle of altering which comes later. It dislike a specific scene was altered out. I think just those scenes were kept that were required and sensible for the show. The parts that were not legitimate were not kept, so it’s anything but like that.”

When inquired as to whether he and Samantha shot any scenes that had actual closeness, the entertainer further said, “We did some intriguing scenes that recommended that they experience passionate feelings for towards the end. Be that as it may, those scenes were not seeming well and good for the makers, or perhaps for the stage. Along these lines, those scenes were altered out. There are such countless scenes altered out, so it’s anything but no joking matter really, that is the interaction.”

In the arrangement, Sajid and Rajji played by the entertainers are both depicted as cold and savage, with no passionate association with towards individual people. Nonetheless, towards the end, there is a slight trace of the couple fostering a delicate corner for one another.


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