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Tom King Reveals Unused Heroes in Crisis Cover by Clay Mann

The unused cover art, drawn by Clay Mann, shows Barry Allen grieving as he holds the body of Wally West, the culprit behind Heroes in Crisis’ deaths.

Tom King has shared Clay Mann’s unused cover for the 2018 event Heroes in Crisis that shows the DC Universe’s two most famous Flashes in a touching moment.

Drawn by Clay Mann, the cover features Barry Allen cradling the body of his nephew and protégé Wally West, who is also a Scarlet Speedster.

Tom King previously tweeted an uncolored rough version of this cover in 2019, shortly after Heroes in Crisis finished publication.

Heroes in Crisis was a nine-issue story intended to explore the mental health of DC’s heroes, as well as the ramifications of their life of crimefighting. Featuring a mystery centered around the deaths of several superheroes at a secret facility named Sanctuary, Heroes in Crisis had a tragic ending where Wally West was revealed as the killer. The former Kid Flash, wracked with trauma over the loss of his family, inadvertently lashed out with the Speed Force, killing his comrades in the process. Wally then attempted to cover up the crime, but was ultimately discovered by Booster Gold, Harley Quinn and other members of the Justice League.

The decision to turn Wally West into a killer — even a sympathetic one — was controversial, and in the years since Heroes in Crisis was published, DC has slowly been retconning his role in the crime. Most recently in The Flash 2021 Annual, it was revealed that the Speed Force overload that killed Wally’s friends was instigated by the speedster Savitar, removing much of Wally’s culpability.


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