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5 Great Kitsune Anime for Fans of the Nine-Tailed Fox

The nine-tailed fox is a Japanese legend commonly depicted in pop culture — so common, in fact, that there are plenty of kitsune anime to check out.

Kitsune anime is a subgenre promoted by the renowned nine-followed fox in Japanese fables. Given the secret encompassing its heavenly presence, tastefully satisfying person plans and powerful characters in mainstream society, many are attracted to this otherworldly being that can move among human and fox. In case you’re an enthusiast of the nine-followed fox, here are five extraordinary kitsune anime featuring the mainstream yōkai.

Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss stars the broke and destitute Nanami, who’s unexpectedly drawn nearer by a secretive man named Mikage. He offers her a spot to live and she rapidly acknowledges, not understanding the ramifications behind the offer. Mikage is the Earth Deity of Mikage sanctum and he moves his faithful job to Nanami after she takes up residency there. Not exclusively does she unexpectedly become the sanctuary’s property god, yet she acquires an unpredictable fox yōkai named Tomoe as her recognizable. While he’s few hundred years of age, he gives off an impression of being a youthful grown-up who trims his hair to mix in better with people. As an uncommonly amazing powerful being, Tomoe uses uncommon fox-fire and can undoubtedly crush most yōkai in the heavenly world.

As a kitsune yōkai with deserting issues, Tomoe doesn’t confide in Nanami and effectively attempts to make her life troublesome so she’ll leave the holy place. He at first will not turn into her natural and getaways to the heavenly world to participate in languid lewdness while passing on Nanami to battle for herself. In any case, Nanami is thankful to at long last have a home and treats her new genuine obligations extremely in a serious way. As Kamisama Kiss proceeds, Tomoe’s wild and rebellious character diminishes as he figures out how to regard Nanami and consents to turn into her defensive fox recognizable.

Inu X Boku SS

Soushi Miketsukami is a nine-followed fox soul featuring in Inu x Boku SS. Individuals from the SS are brought into the world of human and yōkai plunge, and Soushi is the most impressive SS specialist of all. As an honorable kitsune, he chooses to serve and secure Ririchiyo Shirakiin who lives alone in Ayakashi Kan. Soushi is a dependable and defensive fox soul who puts his life in danger for Ririchiyo without a second thought. Ririchiyo likewise has a yōkai structure where she develops horns and request antiquated weapons.

When brought up in a cold family without any sensations of self-character or self-esteem, Soushi utilizes his attractive features to acquire the blessing of more established ladies who help him until he could leave. Regardless of his uncommon hair and eye tone, he mixes in well with people by concealing his ears and tails while wearing an all-dark suit for regular wear as a specialist. He changes into his full nine-tails structure once a danger’s identified, expanding his force and speed. Soushi can be sly and possessive while using unimaginable force as a kitsune yōkai, yet he has a quiet and cherishing demeanor when he’s not incited.


Inuyasha has everything a kitsune or yōkai fan could want. In a medieval time loaded with evil presences and half-devils, there are yōkai spirits of each sort in this well known anime. While Inuyasha has the actual characteristics of an average kitsune character with his white hair and ears, he’s really brought into the world of The Great Dog Demon and not a fox soul. This inconsistency might befuddle fans who at first accept Inuyasha is a kitsune yōkai.

While Inuyasha himself may not be identified with the renowned fox soul, his sidekick is. Shippō is a youthful kitsune whose father, an extraordinary fox devil, passed on directly before him. Regardless of needing to vindicate his dad, Shippō is excessively youthful and feeble to accomplish this all alone. He before long runs into Kagome and Inuyasha and goes along with them on their excursion to discover the Shikon Jewel shards. Like the nine-followed fox he depends on, Shippō has fox wizardry that makes him an expert of stunts and trickery.

Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits

Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits stars Aoi Tsubaki, an understudy who acquires the capacity to see yōkai from her grandma. She before long finds an Ogre at Torii altar and feeds him since he professes to be eager. Nonetheless, the Ogre yōkai takes Aoi to the Hidden Realm and says she should wed him to compensate for her grandma’s obligation. Luckily, she deals with him and he consents to let her work at his hotel to repay him all things being equal.

While working at the Tenjin-ya informal lodging in the Hidden Realm, Aoi meets a few different spirits including a kitsune yōkai named Ginji. Ginji is the youthful expert of the motel and, in the same way as other anime kitsune, he has white hair, blue eyes, and white fox ears. His nine white tails aren’t generally apparent and he has a white fox cover to coordinate with his soul. As a nine-followed fox, he can change into a few adaptations of himself including a kid, lady, a child fox, and a completely mature fox. While Ginji is caring and bright toward Aoi, numerous in Kakuriyo see him as a manipulative and sharp kitsune yōkai.


As one of the anime world’s biggest and best establishments, many don’t quickly see Naruto as a kitsune anime. Nonetheless, the Nine-Tailed Beast living within Naruto is the series’ fundamental reason beginning to end. Kurama depends on the nine-followed fox of Japanese legend, making him extraordinarily incredible and inconsistent. As the most grounded of the nine Tailed Beasts, Kurama’s fixed away in Naruto quickly following his introduction to the world to secure the Hidden Leaf. Naruto turns into the Nine-Tails’ jinchūriki in his mom’s place, which will shift the direction of his life for eternity.

Naruto spends his youth being harassed and stayed away from by the townspeople of the Hidden Leaf who see him as a beast due to the evil kitsune soul living inside him. He’s initially uninformed of the inward soul as he battles to contain and withstand the Nine-Tails’ staggering chakra. At the point when Kurama’s chakra spills out of Naruto, a devilish shroud frames that assume the shape and tails of the nine-followed fox. Jiraiya assists Naruto with smothering and control Kurama’s chakra and use it to upgrade his own capacities. As Naruto and the Nine-Tails battle for control and figure out how to acknowledge each other, Naruto might be the most well known kitsune anime to date.


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