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EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone demanded approx. 20-25 cr. from Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Baiju Bawra

Earlier this month we had reported that Deepika Padukone would not be part of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s venture Baiju Bawra, despite the filmmaker wanting to cast both Ranveer Singh and Deepika. The reason behind Deepika turning down the project was apparently the remuneration. As per reliable sources it was learnt that the actress had demanded a similar pay cheque as compared to Ranveer for the film. Not a penny more, not a penny less was Deepika’s stance. Now sources have informed that Padukone quoted approximately Rs. 20-25 cr. as her remuneration for the film.

Commenting on the same a well-placed industry source tells us, “Deepika Padukone has been on a career high, with multiple hits under her belt, it is obvious that she would hike her fee. For Baiju Bawra, the buzz is that Padukone wanted to be paid a similar fee as that of the male lead, who incidentally is Ranveer Singh.” Ask for details on the remuneration and he continues, “Deepika had quoted approximately Rs. 20-25 cr. for the venture. However, given the budget and scale of the film it was highly unlikely that she would get remuneration in that range. This was one of the reasons she decide to opt out of the venture.”

Interestingly, earlier in June it was reported that Kareena Kapoor Khan had demanded a whopping Rs. 12 crore to feature in the mythological period saga Sita. Apparently Alaukik Desai had taken the film to Bebo, but given the length and prep needed for the venture, Kareena who usually charges between Rs.6-8 cr. per project, demanded a higher remuneration. Much like the outrage being faced by Deepika for quoting a high price for Baiju Bawra, Kareena too was at the receiving end.

However, coming to Kareena’s defence was none other than Taapsee Pannu who stated that criticism of Bebo’s fee was a sign of ingrained sexism. Explaining her point, Pannu claimed that if a man would demand a similar thing it would be viewed as a sign of his success, while a woman demanding a hike like that classifies as being ‘difficult’ and ‘too demanding’.


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