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Himesh Reshammiya to release ‘Terre Pyaar Mein’ on August 20, 2021

The \’Suroor 2021\’ title track became an overnight sensation. It hit 68 million views and 40 million audio streams declaring it a blockbuster hit for the musical genius Himesh Reshammiya. While the video got praise for the concept, acting, and introducing new talent, it ended on a somber note with a puzzle left in the viewer\’s mind.

The love story of the rockstar who is lost in love will transcend forward with the second track from this album, aptly titled \’Terre Pyaar Mein\’. The rockstar played by Himesh himself does not understand why the lady love left him, and he is pining for her to come back. Shot in a breathtakingly beautiful manner on a huge concert set in the outdoors of the forts of Rajasthan, the Suroor girl will be revealed on 20th August when the song releases worldwide.

Himesh, the man behind it all, affirms that after the blockbuster response to the title track, Surroor 2021, this track called \’Terre Pyaar Mein\’ is a pure and all our romantic track.

Himesh says, \”There are love stories that have happy endings and there are those which do not. The ones which end in an abrupt or sad way, are the ones that touch your heartstrings. That is what \’Terre Pyaar Mein\’ is all about, those unfinished stories that did not end with the couple walking away towards their happily ever after. While shooting for \’Terre Pyaar Mein\’, I connected even more deeply to people who have unfinished love stories and realised that they never get closure.\”


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