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X-Men: A Powerful Mutant Wild Card May Be Heading to a New X-Team

The Marauders just briefly recruited a powerful former mutant villain who was almost elected to Marvel’s main X-Men team, and they could stick around.

Krakoa has been a great era of reinvention for the X-Men and all their allies, with a renewed attention on both fan-favorite characters and underutilized C-listers. Some have even risen enough in prominence to be positioned as possible recruits to the most important teams on Krakoa.

Tempo is one of the mutants who actually join the Marauders for a mission to Ireland in Marauders #23 by Gerry Duggan, Ivan Fiorelli, Rain Beredo and VC’s Cory Petit — and she’s even offered a more permanent position in the group going forward.

Heather Tucker — aka Tempo — was introduced in New Mutants #86 by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld. A founding member of the Mutant Liberation Front, Tempo has the versatile ability to slow or increase the speed of time around her. Tempo was a relatively minor player in the world of the X-Men, trying to retire from the MLF and ending up as one of the 198 mutants unaffected by the Decimation caused by House of M. In the era of Krakoa though, Tempo has found some surprising prominence. She’s been tasked by Sebastian Shaw with helping him age high-end Krakoan Whiskey, and she was even one of the nominees for the recently reformed X-Men.

However, despite losing the election, Tempo seems to be picking up more steam post-Hellfire Gala. She’s one of the mutants called into battle alongside the Marauders during a dispute over Krakoan drugs in Ireland. When two gangs quickly come to blows over the low supply, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Banshee from Krakoa, as well as agents of Verendi’s Reavers. Arriving alongside Kate Pryde, Emma Frost and Jumbo Carnation, Tempo quickly utilizes her powers to slow the timer on a Verendi bomb down to a crawl. She’s also able to call upon her experience in the MLF to tell when a bomb can’t be moved or disarmed without setting it off. Thanks to Tempo, the Marauders are able to evacuate the surrounding area and minimize any casualties due to the bombing.

Tempo even risks her life to stall the bomb and the explosion as long as she can, noting with some irony that this could be the universe’s way of getting back at her for all the bombings she participated in during her time working with different iterations of the MLF. But luckily, she is saved at the last second by Kate Pryde. Pryde quickly offers Tempo a position with the Marauders — and while Tempo doesn’t initially agree to it, she notes out loud that she’s not strictly saying no either.

It’s an interesting fit, especially for the current Marauders. Storm has recently left the team, leaving an Omega-Level hole that Tempo’s abilities could help fill. She wouldn’t be the first former villain brought onto the team, which has already proven to be the kind of setting Pyro needed to become a better person. The Marauders might be the perfect way for Tempo to continue to impact the world. This could be the perfect way for Tempo to continue expanding her place on Krakoa.


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