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Robin #5 Welcomes Fighters to the Next Level of the Lazarus Tournament

A preview for Robin #5 sees the Lazarus Tournament evolve while the Bat Family tries to bring Damian Wayne back home to Gotham.

A preview for Robin #5 sees Ravager (Rose Wilson) wake up from a deep sleep – because she was dead. She had been killed last issue by the Deathstroke knock-off Respawn (who Damian Wayne even calls out in the first issue for “copyright infringement”). Rose was the last person who needed to die at least once for the real tournament to begin, and that’s exactly where this preview picks up.

Rose wakes up angry, to say the least. There isn’t quite a singular word for someone being risen from the dead, feeling bloodthirsty rage and wanting to murder their killer. Before she can find Respawn though, she is greeted by Flatline.

In case you are behind on Robin, Flatline is the new character written for the series, who performs a Mortal Kombat fatality on Damian by ripping his heart out at the very end of the first issue in the series. However, nobody dies easily on Lazarus Island. As if life were a video game, every fighter in the League of Lazarus’ tournament has three lives. It just so happens that every fighter had to lose one to upgrade the game’s layout.

The League of Lazarus’ priests begin to magically spell a coliseum into existence. This excites Flatline, who gets delighted at the thought of all the carnage that will happen in the ring, saying that there’s “going to be so much death.” Rose gets distracted from Flatline as she sees Respawn and tries to kill him.

Flatline prevents the two from taking another one of each other’s lives, reminding the two that it is against the rules to fight at that time. Connor Hawke then arrives on the scene to inform the fighters that the “real tournament” starts the next morning at dawn. They then question where Damian is, who is busy trying to run away from the Bat Family members attempting to bring him home, including Nightwing, Red Hood, Spoiler and Robin (Tim Drake).

The preview and solicitation for the issue can be found below.

Robin #5

  • Cover by JORGE CORONA
  • ON SALE: 8/24/21
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC
  • Variant by Francis Manapul
  • Price $4.99 US (Card Stock)
  • Robin reunion! Nightwing, Red Hood, Tim Drake, and Spoiler guest-star as they track Damian down with a plan to bring the young hero back to Gotham. Back to his family. But the son of Batman plans to win the Lazarus Tournament and refuses to return. What starts as a happy reunion quickly turns into a Robin rumble!

Robin #5 is written by Joshua Williamson with interior art provided by Gleb Melnikov. Main cover art for the issue was created by Jorge Corona, with a variant cover by Francis Manapul. The issue goes on sale Aug. 24, 2021 from DC Comics.


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