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The Guardians of the Galaxy’s Most Powerful Alliance Is Falling Apart

Despite the threat of Dormammu in The Last Annihilation, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s key leaders have a surprisingly deep disagreement.

The Marvel Universe has just been introduced to the cosmic threat of Dormammu, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are the universe’s best line of defense. In the past, the iconic team has stood tall against all manner of threats, but the trouble within its ranks could break the team apart faster than any villain. When the core members Star-Lord, Nova and Gamora are divided on how to handle Dormamu, it becomes clear that the Guardians aren’t as tight-knit as they once were, and these fractures could shatter the team.

While Dormammu isn’t exactly an unprecedented threat, the Guardians of the Galaxy have found themselves at odds regarding how to approach it. Richard Rider’s Nova has already been shaken by the introduction of Doctor Doom to the team, and he doesn’t want to participate in any plan he’s involved in creating, even if he’s the best magic user they have. Although both Rocket Racoon and Star-Lord back up their current best idea, Nova cannot stand by them on this one, and Gamora trusts his judgement.

While Gamora and Nova have been growing closer than ever recently, the situation that plays out in Guardians of the Galaxy #17 by Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri, reinforces the divide that has been forming between the team’s foremost members. When these Guardians first officially came together following the first two “Annihilation” events, Star-Lord, Nova, and Gamora were astill largely the focal point of Marvel’s cosmos.

Though Richard Rider has yet to make an entrance to the MCU, the Guardians of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have often orbited around Star-Lord and Gamora, something that the primary Marvel Universe has gone so far as to subvert only recently. Even setting aside their awkward romantic triangle, Gamora and Nova being so wholeheartedly against something that a cosmically aware Star-Lord has consistently espoused is a potentially devastating development.

Of course, it isn’t just Gamora and Nova who aren’t helping things along, as Peter Quill’s inability to relay anything more than “It’s cosmic awareness,” to his doubtful teammates doesn’t really impart with it any sense of certainty. Star-Lord might be at his most powerful right now, but the others haven’t forgotten the Guardians are at their strongest when they present a united front.

Together, these three heroes have been through more than maybe any other trio in the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe, which is a big part of what makes this disagreement so concerning. While facing another Annihilation event is an impossibly stressful situation, Richard Rider is openly on edge, and he’s arguing against a Peter Quill at the peak of his powers.

While this relatively minor disagreement isn’t enough to destroy the partnership between these three alone, it’s still another concerning crack in the foundation of Marvel’s modern Guardians of the Galaxy.


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