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The Hulk’s Gamma Flight Just Found a New Type of Marvel Zombie

The Immortal Hulk’s Gamma Flight just made a surprising discovery that could unleash a deadly force into the wider Marvel Universe.

The saga of the Immortal Hulk has been one of the most Earth-shattering epics in the history of the Marvel Universe. Not only has Bruce Banner’s life been torn apart in every way possible, but the foundation of his very existence has been turned on its head with the revelations offered by the hellish Below-Place.

Now, the heroes of Gamma Flight have uncovered another layer to the Below-Place in the form of a sort of “Gamma-Purgatory” populated by mindless zombies.

To get Gamma Flight out of a fight with Skaar and the military, Carl Creel, the Absorbing Man, pushed his powers to the limit by turning himself into a living teleporter. Unfortunately, their abrupt exit only managed to land the team in a desolate version of the world they know. The air was thick with radiation, and its residents to be made entirely of Gamma itself. To make matters worse, the Gamma zombies aren’t exactly welcoming, but the quickness with which they forget that the interlopers from Gamma Flight even exist that informs what this place truly is.

As described in Gamma Flight #3 by Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, Lan Medina, Antonio Fabela, and Joe Sabino, these irradiated beings act something like an immune system. As soon as the heroes have escaped their sight, these Gamma people return to their work building another structure within what can only be described as a Gamma Purgatory. It isn’t the Below-Place, but it isn’t far from it. And if the looks of things here are any indication of what is happening in the real world, then things are already much worse than anyone could have imagined.

The beings that inhabit this Purgatory appear to be mutated forms of the residents of Thomasville, Texas. The residents of that town have slowly been infected with Gamma-irradiated grafts through a supplement called Fortify. Initially, these grafts make the people who take them feel stronger and heal more efficiently. However, this issue also reveals that they’re slowly being changed on a deeper level as the Gamma builds up in their system. Since their Gamma forms haven’t been activated yet, they’re in this holding place, waiting to be fully powered and unleashed on the Marvel Universe.

While the original Marvel Zombies are vicious creatures who still have some degree of their original identity, this surprisingly large group seems to share a united focus on the task at hand. When unleashed, this could be an ideal army of mindless, durable drones, ready to overrun any opponent in front of them. While they all might not have the power of the Hulk, they could give any Gamma-invested villain exactly what they need to bring their dark designs into the physical world.


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