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Injustice: What Happened to Martian Manhunter During Superman’s Regime?

In the world of Injustice, the Martian Manhunter suffers a tragic fate under Superman’s regime, although the comics and game differ on what happened.

The world of Injustice: Gods Among Us is arguably one of the most popular versions of the DC Universe. With the hit video game depicting a world in which Superman went from a compassionate symbol of hope to a brutal and merciless dictator, a select group of heroes led by Batman stood against the Man of Steel’s ruthless dictatorship. When it came to the big names of the Justice League, nearly everyone sided with Superman’s Regime. However, there was one prominent Leaguer who stood against the Man of Steel and aided Batman’s Insurgency: the Martian Manhunter.

Martian Manhunter doesn’t feature heavily in the video game series, only appearing in the first game. Even then he was only a playable character through the game’s DLC. In the base game he only features in the background of the Watchtower arena setting, like other minor characters such as Mr. Terrific and Atom Smasher in other settings. Of course, this doesn’t mean that J’onn J’onzz doesn’t have a story of his own in the Injustice Universe.

In the video game, the Martian Manhunter’s story was revealed through completing the “Arcade” mode with his character. This was the case upon completing this mode with any character, with each of the game’s characters having their own unique ending. In the case of J’onn J’onzz, his ending shows that, during Superman’s Regime, he hid in Atlantis, which mostly remained neutral during the Regime.

sing his shapeshifting powers, he disguised himself as a librarian that players meet during the main story. According to Martian Manhunter’s ending, he reemerged during the final events of the game’s story to assist Batman and free captured members of the Insurgency. However, it’s unlikely that this is canon especially considering the Injustice comic book series, which gives J’onn a much more tragic ending.

In the comics, Martian Manhunter helps the Insurgency from the very beginning. However, while the involvement of most other heroes who join Batman isn’t a secret, Manhunter’s involvement is known only to Batman himself. This is for good reason, as Manhunter assumes the role of Hawkgirl in Superman’s emerging Regime without anyone being the wiser.

Batman’s son Damian Wayne suspects that something isn’t right with Hawkgirl but his suspicions aren’t confirmed until much later. This gives Batman a voice among the misguided League as well as a way to keep a close eye on them and secretly intervene when necessary.

Unfortunately, Damian figures out that Hawkgirl has been replaced by Manhunter when he sees her acting strange in the Batcave. An incendiary grenade confirms everything, forcing J’onn back to his Martian form. With the League on their way, J’onn takes Batman’s place, allowing the Caped Crusader to escape and continue leading the Insurgency. Though Manhunter tries to resolve things peacefully, even confirming the imprisoned Hawkgirl’s release, the misguided heroes won’t let him go and a fight ensues.

J’onn evades almost everyone else by taking to the clouds above, but he cannot escape Superman and Wonder Woman. Again he tries to resolve things peacefully, explaining why he didn’t side with Superman using his psychic abilities. He shows the Man of Steel how the White Martians treated the Green Martians on Mars and compares the Regime’s actions to that of his own oppressors.

His appeal is violently halted by Wonder Woman, prompting J’onn to use his shapeshifting powers to restrain her. He even threatens to kill his former ally, believing her once kind heart has been overcome by violence. In response, Superman uses his heat vision on Martian Manhunter, turning him to bones and ash. Even though he appeared in the game, the comics confirm his untimely and tragic death in the Injustice Universe.


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