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King Shark Just Gave a Forgotten Batman Villain a Horrifying Update

King Shark’s new Suicide Squad sidekick is in for a nasty surprise whenever she crosses paths with her old partner in crime.

When Kamu, the God of Sharks sets his son King Shark to represent their species in the mystical Wild Games, he also broke the deal he’d struck with Amanda Waller that grants the Suicide Squad’s director custody over Nanuwe. When Waller learns about Kamu’s treachery, she retaliates by sending the Limbo Legion, a supernatural sub-division of the Suicide Squad to get the Squad’s veteran bruiser back and “educate” Kamu about the consequences of breaking a deal with her.

The battle between the Limbo Legion and Kamu that plays out in Suicide Squad: King Shark #3, by Tim Seeley, Scott Kolins, John Kalisz, and Wes Abbott, acts as both a reveal of the team’s updated roster and a test of their capability. It’s here that the newest member of the Legion makes herself known, and it turns out that she has a personal connection to King Shark’s new “friend” Shawn Tsang, Defacer.

Despite getting the drop on the Shark God after Waller blackmails one of his followers into summoning him from the depths of the ocean through a sacred ritual, the Limbo Legion quickly find themselves fighting a losing battle against the Megalodon-sized Kamu. While established characters Etrigan the Demon and the Gentleman Ghost are able to keep Kamu from escaping, neither are capable of subduing him. This forces Waller to play her trump card. She reveals to Kamu that the Limbo Legion’s newest addition has taken Kaikea, King Shark’s human mother, as a hostage. This recent recruit turns out to be none other than Defacer’s estranged mentor Beatrice Butler, aka Pigeon, who has undergone a horrifying transformation since the last time comic readers saw her.

Debuting in Nightwing #11 by Tim Seeley, Marus To, Chris Sotomayer, and Carlos M. Mangual, Pigeon is one of the Bat Family’s least-known villains. As a politically driven criminal, Pigeon’s MO is usually limited to the vandalization or destruction of public monuments, which Pigeon views as propaganda celebrating America’s flawed history. In order to aid her schemes, Pigeon built a pair of mechanical wings that give her a limited form of flight, which she uses to scale whatever statue or display she’s attempting to destroy. While Pigeon may be a brilliant engineer and clever saboteur, but the fact that her plans don’t usually involve hurting anyone directly means that she’s never really registered as a serious threat on any superhero’s radar.

This makes Pidgeon’s new appearance all the more unsettling. The Beatrice Butler who arrives on the shores of Hawaii isn’t the regular human being who partook in aggressive civil disobedience on the streets of Bludhaven. She barely even looks human, appearing as a ghostly woman with dark blue hair and patches of feathers coating her arms and legs who observes the world through a pair of pitch-black eyes. On top of that, her wings appear to be fully organic now, displaying a range of independent movement that the artificial wings she used previously could never have achieved. Considering the fact that she’s a member of the Limbo Legion, whatever happened to Beatrice is probably magical in some way.

This transformation also appears to have affected Pigeon’s mental state. Although Defacer admits to the Wild Games’ host B’wana Beast that Pidgeon was an abusive mentor who preyed on her anger issues, she wasn’t willing to hurt people physically. Now, however, Pigeon gleefully taunts Kamo by gleefully announcing that she planned to eat the unconscious Kaikea, whom she equates to a sacred idol. As one of the God of Sharks’ priestesses and the mother of his demigod son, Kaikea is apparently more of a monument to religion than she is a person in the eyes of the” new-and-improved” Pidgeon, which means that she will be more than happy to kill Kaikea if Waller gives her the go-ahead.


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