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Sweet Tooth Creator Jeff Lemire Sends Swamp Thing Into a Green Hell With DC’s Black Label

Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 unites Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire and artist Doug Mahnke for a new DC Black Label series set in humanity’s dying days.

Swamp Thing will become the focus of his own DC Black Label series with the release of Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 from Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire and artist Doug Mahnke.

The three-issue prestige format mini-series is set in the future, with humanity on the brink of death. As the final survivors of the planet cling to life on a mountaintop island, the Parliaments of the Green, the Red and the Rot decide that humans must be wiped out in order for life to begin anew. The only way for mankind to persevere is for them to take on the Parliament’s avatar. Unfortunately, the one person qualified to take them on is Alec Holland AKA the original Swamp Thing, who died decades earlier. Written by Lemire, drawn by Mahnke with variant covers by Christian Ward and Francesco Francavilla, Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 is set to publish on Dec. 28.


  • Written by JEFF LEMIRE
  • Art and cover by DOUG MAHNKE
  • Variant by CHRISTIAN WARD
  • 1:25 variant by FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA
  • $6.99 US | 48 pages | 1 of 3
  • PRESTIGE PLUS | 8 ½” × 10 7/8″
  • ON SALE 12/28/21

Earlier this year, Lemire’s Sweet Tooth comic series was adapted into a television show by Netflix and quickly became the most-watched show for the streaming service’s second quarter. Coinciding with that, Lemire also released Sweet Tooth: The Return through DC Black Label while continuing his work on multiple books for Dark Horse comics. On top of that, Lemire will also reunite with his frequent collaborator Dustin Nguyen for Robin & Batman in November, which focuses on the early days of Dick Grayson’s superhero career. Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 will be Lemire’s first time working with Mahnke, who he called an “all-time favourite artist” in an Instagram post promoting the series.

Swamp Thing was recently reimagined with a new host and new powers as a part of DC’s Infinite Frontier. Co-created by Ram V. and Mike Perkins, Levi Kamei is an Indian man who was bonded to the forces of the Green against his will. Kamei’s introduction saw Alec Holland take a step back from the spotlight, though Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 shows that there is room for both characters to have their own stories.


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