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X-Men Anatomy: The 5 Weirdest Things About Emma Frost’s Body, Explained

Emma Frost’s mutations anatomically make her outstanding, even compared to other X-Men. Here are five traits that make Emma’s body so unique.

Since the X-Men’s introduction to the Marvel Universe, mutants — also known as homo superior — have been discriminated against because their genetics make them anatomically different from non-mutants. Each homo superior’s mutation varies and some mutants take on second mutations later in life. Emma Frost’s physiology is one of the most impressive, with her mutation affecting both her body and mind.

Here are the five weirdest things about Emma Frost’s body, explained.

Emma Frost Is An Omega Level Telepath

Emma first debuted mid-Dark Phoenix Saga in Uncanny X-Men #129, written by Chris Claremont with art by John Byrne. Her introduction established her as a huge threat to the X-Men because she was able to telepathically take out Colossus, Storm and Wolverine in one go. As an Omega Level telepath, her powers can reach a global scale.

Her abilities include broadcasting thoughts, mind control, psionic blasts, astral projections, mind reading and much more. She’s used these telepathic abilities for acts of torture — like in Astonishing X-Men when she implanted a trigger word (parsley) into an enemy’s mind that would force him to vomit for 48 hours straight whenever he heard it — as well as acts of peace, like when she ended a hate rally by placing the protesters’ minds in a state of euphoria.

Emma Frost Can Alter Her Body

There are two ways Emma can alter her body and one of those is by transposing her mind into someone else’s head. Early on in her comic history, Emma was able to use her psychic abilities to swap bodies with Storm in Uncanny X-Men #152. While Storm eventually broke free, this power makes Emma an incredibly dangerous mutant.

The other way she can alter her body is through mental projections. As seen in X-Men: First Class, Emma can make others see and feel something or someone who isn’t there, including herself. Along with creating believable projections of herself, she can also alter how people see her body as well as the bodies of others around her.

Emma Frost Has A Second Mutation — Her Diamond Form

In writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely’s New X-Men #114, the concept of a second mutation is introduced. Several mutants who have this secondary ability include Iceman, Gambit, Jean Grey, Archangel and Emma. While some mutants can pass for human prior to taking on a second mutation, new powers can alter how they look entirely.

Where Iceman can alter his physical form to be made of ice, Emma can change her body to be made of organic diamond. In this form, every inch of her crystalizes and has the physical benefits of the gem stone. It also grants her a few bonus strengths, which further enhance her body and mind.

Emma Frost Has Enhanced Physicality In Her Diamond Form

Outside of her diamond form, Emma’s physical body is similar to that of a non-mutant’s, aside from the obvious X-Gene on her 23rd chromosome. However, in her diamond form, her body changes and affects her physicality entirely.

Diamonds are some of the strongest organic materials on Earth, so having a body made of this gem makes Emma incredibly durable and hard to damage. Along with being harder to injure, her new form grants Emma increased stamina and strength, allowing her to lift up two tons according to 1000 Facts About Comic Book Characters Vol. 3 by James Egan.

Emma Frost’s Psychic Immunity Protects Her From Mutants Like Professor X

Along with physical benefits, Emma’s diamond form grants her mental protections as well. X-Men: First Class states that in her diamond form, Emma can resist telepathic attacks, even from Professor X — another Omega Level mutant.

This wasn’t always the case, though. In Morrison and artist Phil Jimenez’s New X-Men #139, Jean Grey confronts Emma about her affair with Scott Summers, digging through Emma’s head and exposing some of her guiltiest memories, including the deaths of her students and her love for Scott. Jean does such a number on her that Emma shatters into diamond pieces.

These aspects of Emma’s body make her one of strongest mutants physically and mentally. Whether she is on the side of good, evil or somewhere in between, her mutations as well as her natural talent and brilliant mind make her one of Marvel’s stand out femme fatales.


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