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X-Men: Marvel Brings Another Omega-Level Mutant Into a Key Trial of Magneto Role

Another one of Marvel’s strongest X-Men stepped into the Trial of Magneto, where she could do serious damage in the fallout of Scarlet Witch’s death.

The mystery surrounding the death of the Scarlet Witch has consumed Krakoa, with the obvious suspect being Magneto — but there also being plenty of other figures from across the mutant nation who might have cause to kill the Avenger and sew discord across the island. But now, a surprising figure has entered the suspect list.

Hope Summers just got involved in the fallout of Wanda Maximoff’s death in X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 by Leah Williams, Lucas Werneck, Edgar Delgado and VC’s Clayton Cowles — which only raises the possibility of chaos on Krakoa.

The birth of the young woman who’d go on to become known as Hope Summers was the inciting incident of the X-Men crossover “Messiah Complex.” The first confirmed mutant born after the events of M-Day, the event ended with Cable taking the infant across the time stream in hopes of keeping her out of the hands of those who would do her harm. By the time the pair returned to the present, Hope was a young woman, fully trained and raised by Cable. Seeing him as her father, Hope ended up finding a place with the X-Men following the events of “Second Coming” and has been a fixture of the universe ever since. Her ability to mimic other powers makes her a key component of the Five on Krakoa.

Hope has also been increasingly raising her clout on Krakoa, especially in the aftermath of the older Cable finally being resurrected by the Five. She even led the charge — alongside Tempus, Proteus, Elixir and Egg — to confirm that they have an autonomous level of power outside the direction of the Quiet Council and that their decision on resurrection should be respected and enforced. But Hope might also have a hand in things that have brought even more chaos to Krakoa — namely, the death of the Scarlet Witch. After capturing the lead suspect Magneto, Xavier and Hope work together to try and explore his unconscious mind. But Hope protests this as a form of torture instead of just an interrogation — putting her at odds with Xavier over the ethical standards of their actions.

But she becomes even more involved when the Avengers arrive on the scene to collect Scarlet Witches’ body. Despite the Five having the capability to resurrect Wanda, the Quiet Council ordered her death to remain final. But while Magneto is still unconscious, Hope uses telepathy to command Magneto awake. She then orders him to fight the Avengers, keeping them away from Wanda’s body at all costs. Magneto quickly obliges despite his telepathic defenses and quickly takes the fight to them long enough for Wanda to seemingly arrive back on the scene — restored to full health.

Considering the deep kiss she gives Vision (and their current separation as a couple), it’s possible that Hope used this opening with the Five to perform a hasty resurrection of Wanda. Such an act could be seen as full rebellion against the Quiet Council, and could further fracture relations on Krakoa while also risking the exposure of the Five to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But the other possibility is that Hope is more involved in what happened to Wanda than anyone realized, and wanted to cover her tracks. Hope and Scarlet Witch forged a bond during the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, and it’s possible Hope is more aware of what’s happening to her than anyone — or that, somehow, she’s even involved in the crime.


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