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Evil Ernie Celebrates 30th Anniversary With New Dynamite Series

Cult horror icon Evil Ernie gets a new series to celebrate the character’s 30th anniversary, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

The undead killer Evil Ernie returns to celebrate 30 years of chaos in a new series from Dynamite Entertainment.

Written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Ariel Medal, the new series promises a brand new take on Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes’ cult-favorite character. Dynamite’s Evil Ernie follows normal college student Ernest Gleckman, who is mortally wounded after a terrible accident. He is saved by a mysterious death cult must pay for his new life and act as an avatar for the group, taking on the moniker of Evil Ernie.

“What happens when you take the most evil entity in all of creation…. and bond him with the nicest guy in the world? I saw this Evil Ernie series as a way to explore not only the effect of Ernie’s unadulterated evil on an innocent college student… but would Ernie react to having to reside in a vessel of pure innocence in order to achieve his goal,” said Lobdell. “We’ve all come to accept that power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. Is it possible absolute goodness can eradicate evil once and for all?”

Created in 1991 by Pulido and Hughes, the antihero quickly garnered a dedicated following among horror fans, birthing and expanding the Chaos! mythos alongside the likes of Purgatori, the winged Vampire Goddess. 1991’s Evil Ernie #1 also marked the first appearance of Pulido’s most famous character, Lady Death. Evil Ernie has since changed publishers multiple times but has called Dynamite Entertainment home since 2012. The comics deal with the dynamic of Ernest and Ernie, two extreme opposites who share the same body. Ernest tries to keep his sadistic alter ego under control as he balances his complicated college life with the brutal and sadistic darkness that brews inside of him.

“Also, I have to say, I am so excited about working with Ariel on Evil Ernie,” Lobdell said of artist Medal. “I’ve gotten to work with a lot of superstars over the years… and I’m telling you he’s destined to become one!” In addition, Brett Booth, Lobdell’s frequent collaborator from DC projects like Teen Titans and Flash Forward, will supply the issue’s first cover.

Written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Ariel Medal with colors by Candice Han, Evil Ernie #1 goes on sale this December from Dynamite Entertainment.


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