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Deadpool: The Merc Is Ready to Murk in Deadly X-Force Mini-Bust

Marvel’s Deadpool gets an NYCC 2021 exclusive collectible from Diamond Select Toys, inspired by the Merc With a Mouth’s clandestine X-Force costume.

A brand new special edition mini-bust of Marvel’s fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool is headed fans’ way.

The description of the bust, which is available for purchase from Diamond Select Toys, proclaims that the character is “back in grey” as “Deadpool changes into his X-Force duds.” The piece is 1/7 scale, reaching approximately six inches in height, and shows a suited-up Wade Wilson striking a dramatic pose as he wields his trademark katanas. The product of designer Nelson X. Asencio and sculptor Juan Pitluk, the $70 figure is available for pre-order now, for delivery sometime in November. This NYCC 2019 exclusive is limited to 250 copies and comes “with a numbered certificate of authenticity” in the “full-color box.”

The collectible appears to be based on Deadpool’s black ops suit from the 2010 comic series Uncanny X-Force, which saw the mercenary team up with the likes of Wolverine, Archangel, Psylocke, and Fantomex as they set out on covert mutant-related missions. This characterization of X-Force as a clandestine paramilitary strike force remains to this day, with the current iteration of the team using morally dubious tactics to quietly protect the mutant homeland of Krakoa. Hank McCoy’s position as team leader has changed the previously gentle Beast for the worst, turning him into a battle-hardened antihero, not unlike Deadpool himself.

Deadpool’s status as a character who operates in shades of grey, metaphorically as well as literally, makes him the ideal candidate for a team like X-Force. The movie Deadpool 2 featured a prototype version of the superhero squad, led by Wilson, which saw almost every member of the group meet a comically grisly end on their very first mission. Despite concerns that Deadpool’s induction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe might result in the toning down of the franchise’s more violent tendencies, some have suggested that the censoring of Deadpool’s sexual humor would be a much bigger issue.


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