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Marvel Is About to Resurrect Captain Marvel – For Silver Surfer and Thanos to Kill

Marvel’s classic ’90s team of Ron Marz and Ron Lim tell a new tale of the Silver Surfer teaming up with Thanos to determine who revived Mar-Vell.

Marvel’s classic duo of writer Ron Marz and artist Ron Lim is returning to the Sentinel of the Spaceways in January with Silver Surfer: Rebirth, a five-issue limited series.

Silver Surfer: Rebirth follows in the footsteps of recent series like X-Men Legends and Symbiote Spider-Man that have seen iconic creators revisit the characters that made them famous. The book showcases the Silver Surfer’s search for the Reality Gem, one of the Infinity Stones capable of fulfilling the bearer’s wish. A mysterious figure has stolen the Gem and used it to bring back the original Captain Marvel, also known as Mar-Vell — and it’s up to the Silver Surfer to work with none other than Thanos the Mad Titan to set reality straight.


  • Written by RON MARZ
  • Art and Cover by RON LIM
  • On Sale 1/19

“Turns out you can go home again,” Marz said. “Silver Surfer with Ron Lim was literally my first job in comics. The first comic page I ever wrote was drawn by Ron when we were both kids. And now three decades later we get to go back there and slip right back into that same groove. It’s so great to be wielding the power cosmic again.”

Lim said that he was “thrilled” to return to the cosmos alongside Marz, and jumped at the chance when Marvel editor Darren Shan pitched the idea to him.

“It is fantastic to be working with Ron again,” Lim said. “It has been quite a while since we worked together, but it feels like hardly a day has passed. I’m having a blast getting to draw many of my favorite characters from our run. The story is full of surprises, familiar characters, and crazy cosmic action! I can’t wait for the readers to check out the book – hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoy drawing it!”

Marz and Lim worked on a transformative Silver Surfer run in the ’90s and inherited the title from writer Jim Starlin, who had used it to springboard concepts for The Infinite Gauntlet. Bringing a dash of existential angst to the book, Marz and Lim had the Surfer grapple with his place in the universe and even confront his evil and good sides — the latter of which was ironically represented by Captain Mar-Vell. The pair also introduced characters like Genis-Vell, the son of Mar-Vell, along with Morg the Executioner, a herald of Galactus who was so vicious that the Silver Surfer formed an alliance with the villain Terrax to take him down.


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