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Symbiote Spider-Man Was Just Saved by the Next Cosmic MCU Heroes

Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #4 lands the web-slinger in deep space where he is saved by the timely intervention of the MCU’s next cosmic heroes.

Ever since he became Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s life has been a whirlwind of high-flying adventures and terrifying journeys into the unknown. His latest adventure has sent him hurtling through time and space, trapped alongside a horrifying Hulk deep within a Deviant stronghold. Thankfully, things are about to get a little bit better thanks to the arrival of the MCU’s next cosmic heroes in Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #4 (by Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Joe Sabino), who not only turn the tide of battle but also bring clarity to the reason why everyone is fighting in the first place.

After tumbling into yet another random portal with the demonic Guilt Hulk, Spider-Man and his unwitting companion almost immediately came under fire from the Deviants after landing in their fortress. Eventually, the attack is called off by the Deviant Kro, who explains the nature of the powerful artifact that the Hulk has come to possess, as well as the Deviant’s long-standing feud with the Eternals. As it turns out, the Eternals are at that very moment discussing the Deviants as well and express concern about the Matrix Stone falling into Kro’s hands. They are already on their way to intercept the stone when the Guilt Hulk realizes that the power of the stone has made him virtually unstoppable. With this revelation, the monstrous menace turns on Spider-Man and the Deviants in a bid to claim their vast array of weapons and resources for themselves. However, the Eternals show up before the monster can wreak too much havoc, with Ikaris dealing a staggering blow to the beast.

In spite of Kro’s best efforts to stave off the Eternals, the heroes’ infiltration of the facility only takes a few moments. While Ikaris attends to Spider-Man, Thena takes the opportunity to catch up with Kro, preventing his escape before nearly being obliterated by a now heavily armed Guilt Hulk.

The battle over the Matrix Stone was already stacked with combatants ranging from Spider-Man to the Hulk and even an Asgardian army, but the Eternals having stepped in completely changes the nature of the fight. These cosmic demigods aren’t just some of the most powerful figures in the Marvel Universe but are also some of the most ancient as well. Their involvement in this conflict further speaks to the power of the Matrix Stone, and how dangerous it would be if it fell into the wrong hands. However, this also means that there is no telling how far the Eternals are willing to go to ensure the artifact’s safety, and that could spell bad news for anyone caught in their path.

Apart from the Hulk himself having taken on a devastating form under the influence of the Matrix Stone, there are also the forces of Karnilla to contend with. If the Eternals are forced to fight an Asgardian army it could set off an even larger battle than the one already being waged.

The Eternals don’t appear to have many options when it comes to dealing with the current threat, especially considering the involvement of their ancient enemies. Perhaps Ikaris and his cosmic brethren will be just who Spider-Man needs to bring his astounding journey to an end, at least temporarily.


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