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Artist Greg Capullo Does Not Work Digitally, and Here’s Why

While the comic book artist can work digitally, he chooses not to. However, according to him, it has to do with more than preference.

Greg Capullo is the artist behind hit DC Comics titles like Batman, Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Nights: Death Metal, and he explained why he preferred to do it all with paper and pencil.

The artist attended New York Comic Con 2021 in October, reuniting after two years with his frequent creative partner, writer Scott Snyder, who penned the three titles Capullo worked on above, along with the two creating books like Batman: Last Knight on Earth and more. Snyder has now launched a creator-owned imprint, Best Jackett Press, with Capullo joining him to create We Have Demons, a series available digitally on comiXology and in print from Dark Horse Comics. While promoting the series and talking during a panel spotlighting the two creators, Capullo revealed that he does not work digitally, panel moderator and The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald surprised by the information.

“Wait a minute…wait, you don’t work digitally?” MacDonald asked, looking at him from down the panel table. “Oh, God no. There’s a couple reasons,” Capullo responded. For the veteran comic artist, it is a matter of preference and additional monetary incentive, one he believes artists miss out on by working digitally.

“One is that I prefer, you know [knocks on table], the tactile experience. And the other thing, and I tell all these young artists, I go, ‘You’re making a mistake, as far as you don’t have any original art to sell.’ You know, I have a whole separate income flow that comes from selling all the pictures I’ve drawn.” Many comic book artists have websites where they accept fan commissions and sell their original art, with Capullo’s website filled with original art pages that can be priced as high as $13,000 just for an interior page.

However, the highest priced item currently on Capullo’s site is the cover to Batman #37, featuring the Joker from his and Snyder’s “Endgame” arc. The cover is currently priced at $30,000, with Capullo giving artists more advice during the panel about working with physical art for cover purposes. “And so I tell the young guys now, girls, I go, ‘At least do the cover [knocks on table] on some substance’…because when they get older, my age, the they’re gonna be like, ‘Now what?’ So, you know, they’re not thinking that far ahead.”

Capullo did not say that he was against digital art, but that it was not his preference, saying, “I’ve done digital painting, which is okay, but when it comes time to draw comics, I just love this [knocks on table]. I just love it.” The first issue of Capullo and Snyder’s latest series We Have Demons is now available to read digitally on comiXology, later to be printed by Dark Horse Comics.


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