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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 update November 1: Sonakshi confronts Dev for cheating on her

In the latest episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3, Dixits do a Diwali Puja after which Dev gives Sanjana a gift. Sanjana says she is not a part of their family. Sonakshi clarifies that it is for all the employees. This makes Sanjana upset and she decides to take revenge from Sonakshi.
The family gathers outside to celebrate. They wait for Dev and Sonakshi to come. The two are seen in their room. Dev ties the necklace on Sonakshi and calls her a patakha but she is busy on phone. He gets annoyed and later to please him she calls him an atom bomb.

Dev and Sonakshi hold hands when they see Sanjana and walk outside to join the family. The kids want to play with firecrackers. Sanjana gives it to them. But Sonakshi asks them to take the environment-friendly ones from her. This makes the kids happy.
While the kids go to celebrate, Sonakshi begins to miss her dad. Dev consoles her. Sanjana calls someone to put the breaking news out on television. Dev goes to Neha and asks her to light the crackers. He jokes she is still scared of them. To prove him wrong, she tries to lit a phuljhari and Dev scares her. It causes laughter.

Sonakshi receives a call from Parth. She asks him about Sanjana. But he switches off the phone. Shubh calls them to watch the news which shows Dev\’s photos (taken from the night) with Sanjana. This leaves the family shocked.

Sonakshi confronts Dev. He doesn\’t say anything. Ishwari falls sick. The rest of the family accuses Sanjana of causing a storm in their life. The media barges into their house and asks Dev personal questions. All of this leaves him perturbed.

Sonakshi decides to leave the house. Ishwari stops her and instead asks Dev to leave the house. Radha tries to stop her from doing so but she doesn\’t listen. Sanjana is happy to see her plan materialise.


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