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Some Bollywood remixes that turned out to be better than original songs

Fans sometimes grimace, despise, and boo when a new remix to a Bollywood classic song is released, and for a good cause. We have strong feelings about our generation’s cult songs and adding rhythms and rap to a simple tune always appears (and sounds) like a horrible idea.

Not all songs, however, are inherently horrible. Yes, we agree that the original is original, and nothing can compare to the original music, but some pieces have been produced so precisely that the soul of the classic version has not been lost. They persuaded us to listen to them on repeat.

This leads us to believe that general music producers can no longer create better tunes or are simply lazy.

However, most of the original songs have not gone from our memory, and we still love listening to them.

So far are 5 Bollywood remixes that were better and more popular than the original music.

1. Chalti Hai Kya 9 se 12.

Only 90s kids remember how popular this song was back in the day, and when rumours of a remix of this legendary song surfaced, we could only pray they didn’t ruin it. Fortunately, it became more upbeat and dancey, with no strange rap. They even retained the hook step!

2.  Mere Rashke Qamar

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan were reworked into this beautiful tune for Baadshaho. It garnered double taps and likes from the audience upon its release, and it also became viral in a matter of days, surpassing the popularity of the original song. You can’t deny that the remix retains the original song’s freshness and peacefulness.

3. Kaala Chashma

Recreated The classic Punjabi party song in Baar Baar Dekho quickly became far more popular than the original single. The new version is constantly being played at weddings and celebrations. They didn’t change the music, rhythms, or lyrics significantly, which is how you pull off a remix without upsetting the fans.

4.  Tamma Tamma Again

‘Tamma Tamma Again,’ a remake of Madhuri Dixit’s classic ‘Tamma Tamma,’ appeared in Badrinath Ki Dulhania as ‘Tamma Tamma Again.’ The song starts with words from the original song and progresses into a catchy dance tune that you’ll undoubtedly find yourself dancing to. Everyone played it at all clubs and parties the year it was published, and it was even more popular than the previous version.

5. Laila Main Laila

As early as this song begins, you know it’s going to be just as fantastic as the legendary song with Zeenat Aman. It’s a dance number starring Sunny Leone and Shah Rukh Khan that got us swaying to the rhythms, owing to its upbeat beats and Pawni Pandey’s strong vocals.

Nowadays, no music album is complete without a few rehashing old songs, which may have the same tune and catch lines (mukhda), but their rewritten paras (Antara) ensure that the track loses its essence.


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