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Kaguya-Sama: Kaguya Shinomiya’s MBTI & What It Says About the Cold Heroine

Kaguya-Sama’s Kaguya Shinomiya is the crafty but kind-hearted heroine of this rom-com anime, and her MBTI personality type reflects that.

The story of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is a battle-of-wits romance series with a comedic twist, and the two main characters, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, are locked in a good-natured but stubborn lovers’ quarrel in the elite Shuchiin Academy. These two students are madly in love but they won’t dare admit it. They’d rather make the other confess their love first.

Miyuki Shirogane is the student council president and the school’s #1 student, while his love interest, Kaguya Shinomiya, has a good reputation for being a smart, calculating and influential girl who hails from a fabulously wealthy and powerful family. However, Kaguya doesn’t coast on her family’s status. She’d rather earn what she has, and she has a kind and generous heart. That’s what drew Miyuki to her, after all, and her MBTI personality type reflects this.

Kaguya Shinomiya’s MBTI Personality Type: ISFJ-A, The Defender

Kaguya Shinomiya is an ISFJ-A, or an assertive Defender. This personality type’s code stands for Introverted Observant Feeling Judging, which describes a modest, quiet person who always puts others first. In some ways, the Defender is similar to the Protagonist personality type, such as Miyuki Shirogane, but with a more introverted flavor. Unlike Protagonists, who seek to help others while acting as charismatic and bold leaders, Defenders allow their actions to speak for themselves, and they don’t seek glory or fame in what they do. Defenders such as Kaguya Shinomiya say “mission accomplished” when the other person feels better, not when the Defender is put on a pedestal and viewed as a noble role model. Protagonists aren’t necessarily arrogant, but they do have a much larger presence than Defenders do.

A Defender is an altruistic and methodical person who isn’t quite as sociable as a Mediator or bold as a Protagonist, but they are efficient and likable, and can quickly set others at ease and help them with any problem. Defenders such as Kaguya are smart, calculating and patient, viewing their altruistic crusade as a job or project rather than some heroic calling of destiny. This means that Defenders are even more reliable than Protagonists, and less overbearing and stubborn too. Paradoxically, Defenders are rather modest and introverted, but they define their happiness and purpose by their ability to help others and see them succeed. Defenders are the unsung heroes of society; diligent helpers who don’t want medals or accolades for their actions. Seeing their friends and associates become happier and safer is all a Defender wants.

Defenders are known for being practical, logical, observant and reliable, and Kaguya has been all these things and more during the events of Kaguya-Sama. During the love war with Miyuki Shirogane, she is a master planner, patiently and carefully arranging everything ahead of time to trap Miyuki in awkward situations to bait him into making a love confession. Miyuki does the same to some extent, but his methods are more improvisational than Kaguya’s, and Kaguya will even slash her family car’s tires or check the weather forecast to cover all her bases in unexpected ways. Kaguya won’t open her mouth until the battle is already won in her mind, and in an unusually self-oriented way, that makes her quite the Defender.

Kaguya more acutely lives up to her ISFJ personality when interacting with support characters such as Miko Iino, Yu Ishigami or Nagisa Kashiwagi, who all look up to her. Kaguya helps them not because she wants them to owe her favors, but because helping people is simply what makes her happy. Like many people born into wealth, Kaguya longs to define herself independently of her family’s fortune, and her heart wants to “repay” society by aiding those around her with her words and thoughts. She can’t just throw money at everything — she has to reach out, and she does.

Kaguya serves as Nagisa’s #1 advisor and confidant in matters of the heart, especially when it comes to Nagisa’s blossoming relationship with a classmate, Tsubama Tanima. Her advice is sometimes way off due to her relative naivete, but she always gives it her best shot, and she hardly ever accepts any credit or thanks for her hard work. She would rather see Nagisa be happy — this is reward enough. She also has this attitude toward the council’s moody treasurer Yu Ishigami, helping Yu as much as Miyuki does. As a true Defender, Kaguya is modest and selfless in all these endeavors, and she’ll push herself hard to satisfy the needs of others. ISFJ’s like her sometimes get in over their head trying to help others, but it’s always worth it.


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