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Spy x Family Anime Uncovers New Trailer, Premiere Window and Casting Details

The anime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s acclaimed espionage/family comedy manga reveals a new trailer and two key additions to its cast.

New information  and a second trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of Spy x Family have been revealed.

A new trailer was shown during the series’ presentation at this year’s Jump Festa. The trailer introduces the Forger family, and focuses on Anya’s reaction once she realizes her new adoptive parents aren’t what they seem. The panel also revealed two new additions to the cast: Saori Hayami will portray Yor Forger, Loid’s wife who is secretly a deadly assassin. Hayami is best known for playing Yumeko Jibami in the popular Kakegurui anime.  Loid’s psychic daughter, Anya Forger will be played Atsumi Tanezaki, who previously starred in Mob Psycho 100 and The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Takuya Eguchi, who is known for his roles in Haikyuu!! and My Love Story, was previously announced as the voice of the series’ main character, Loid Forger.

A premiere window of April 2022 was also announced. The season will be split into 2 parts of 12 episodes each. Crunchyroll previously announced that it will stream the series to audiences outside of Japan. The new anime series will be directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, who previously directed Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The show is being produced as a collaboration between Wit Studio (Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga) and CloverWorks (The Promised Neverland, Wonder Egg Priority).

Spy x Family tells the story of the super-spy codenamed “Twilight,” whose latest mission requires him to pretend to be a family man in order to get closer to his target. To complete his cover, Twilight takes on the alias Loid Forger, adopts a suitably adorable orphan and begins a fake marriage with a woman who seems like a fairly normal office worker. Everything appears to be going according to plan, but unfortunately for Loid, his new family has some secrets of their own: his new daughter is actually an escaped government experiment with psychic powers, and his wife leads a second life as one of the world’s most infamous assassins.

The series was created by Tatsuya Endo and was originally released on Shonen Jump+, the online manga reader and app run by Shueisha, the publisher of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Since its debut in 2019, the manga has received widespread critical acclaim and has sold over 11 million copies. Crunchyroll has confirmed that it will stream the Spy x Family anime to audiences outside of Japan.


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