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“I’ve spent three years of my life on this. It is my Taj Mahal”, says Nawazuddin Siddiqui about his dream house

Nawaz, congratulations your dream house is ready?
Jee, Sir. Mere liye bahot badi baat hai (this is a big thing for me). I’ve spent three years of my life on this. It is my Taj Mahal.

But you never mentioned it to me, or anyone else?
I wanted to complete it before announcing it. But I never hid it from you, Sir. I never hide anything from you. It’s just something that I wanted to see till its closure before speaking about it. It’s my dream house and I wanted to make sure my dream came true

Tell me details about your dream home?
It has six bedroom, two large halls, two spacious lawns and on the first floor I have a large space to grow trees. I love greenery. I want my home in Mumbai to remind me of my home in my village.

In today’s day and age who constructs such a palace? People are comparing it to Shah Rukh Khan’s residence Mannat?
Arrey nahin Sir. There is no need to compare the two. That is his dream home. This is mine. Sabke sapne alag alag hote hain (to each his own dream).I’d like you to come to see my home. It is on Yari Road in Andheri.

Why have you named your home Nawab?
That was my father’s name. Nawab…I miss him. He would have been so happy to see my home.

I am sure he can see you right now. When and where did you get the time to supervise the construction of your dream house?
Believe me, it was not easy. Especially since I had an exact map of every inch of my dream house in my head, and I would not compromise on even an inch of that vision. If during my absence something was built wrongly I came back and broke it. There have been many demolished walls before the house happened. I wanted every inch of the house to be the way I had designed it in my mind. I must thank my brother who helped me a lot; during my absence he supervised the construction.

Since you’ve done so many films for free, how did you accrue the funds for this massive home?
It is simple. When my producer can’t afford to pay me I do it for free. But when I am doing commercial films I charge what I deserve.

When will you enjoy your dream house since you are away most of the time?
That’s true, I am shooting all over the place and my children are studying in Dubai.

Do you speak to them regularly?
Yes yes lagaataar baat ho jaati hai.

I heard you had a housewarming party with Kangana Ranaut and your film crew?
It wasn’t a housewarming. It was just a wrap-up party. We finished shooting Tiku Weds Sheru and so I invited the team home.

Tell me about Tiku Weds Sheru?
It is a love story. I play Sheru and Avneet Kaur plays Tiku. I am not shooting for Sabir Khan’s Awasthi where I play a detective. With so much work I wonder when I will be able to enjoy my dream home.


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