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KGF – Chapter 2 craze sends cinemas over capacity; extra chairs added for audience

The KGF – Chapter 2 craze is catching on like wide fire! After a thunderous start, the Yash starrer witnessed an unheard of spate of advance bookings which seems to be growing with each passing day. The film which was released across 10000 screens worldwide has been seeing a steady stream of audiences at theatres. In fact, theatre owners in some locations have added shows as early as 6 AM while in certain other areas there are special shows between midnight and 7 AM to accommodate the audience demand.

Now we hear that in certain B and C centres the audience craze for the film has increased to such an extent that cinema halls are overflowing. A case in point is the state of Tamil Nadu wherein, to accommodate the audience in screens theatres are adding chairs to screens to adjust for the excess audience. If that wasn’t all, in other locations the audience is watching the film either standing or sitting on the floor.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time theatres have reached their seating capacity for a certain film. In 2019 the film Viswasam starring Ajith and Nayanthara theatres across the state reported overbooked shows. Now, with KGF 2 reporting a similar trend, the business of the film has already grossed around Rs. 138 cr. in India is expected to grow even further.

As per reports, KGF – Chapter 2 which has been released in multiple languages could easily become the highest-grossing film to date. Given the current craze and the upward trend, the film’s business has been seeing predictions are highly optimistic about the film’s overall collections.


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