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Which Anime character are you, based on your MBTI (Personality test)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-assessment tool that identifies people’s psychological preferences and categorizes their personalities accordingly. It aids in the identification of a person’s personality type, strengths, and preferences.

Otakus are known for their passion for all things anime, and it is only natural for them to dig a little deeper and get to the bottom of it all. We’ve all presumably taken the MBTI test and have a good idea of our personality types. However, have you ever given it a thought, what type would your favorite anime character be?

Well, look no further, for we have compiled a list of some of the most ‘loved’ anime characters along with their MBTI personality types.

ISTP: Levi Ackerman, Shota Aizawa, Saitama, Shiki Ryougi

An ISTP is essentially characterized as a person who is introverted and has a fact-borne belief system. This means that they are not easily swayed by their feelings or ideas. They are spontaneous and proud in their own skin and call the shots based on rationality and logic.

As a typical ISTP MBTI personality, Levi Ackerman portrays and commands a firm grasp on the reality around him. He harbors his own range of specific values and ideas but keeps them to himself.

These values are founded on logic, derived both from Levi’s own experiences and from an external perspective of the world in which they live. Because they often have intrinsic mechanical abilities and proficiency with equipment, ISTPs are frequently alluded to as Craftsperson personalities. Shota Aizawa is a rational thinker who is in constant need of classifying things.

He is logical and only acts on the basis of facts. Similarly, prior to becoming a hero, Saitama has always been disconnected from his own feelings. He’s indifferent and logical, and he frequently makes statements that suggest he’s lost his ability to feel, a quality not unknown to Shiki Ryougi.

ISTJ: Megumi Fushiguro, Giyu Tomioka, Tobio Kageyama

Megumi Fushiguro may appear impenetrable and stern, but when he’s alone, he reveals a surprisingly sympathetic inner side. Megumi, like other ISTJs, keeps his life and emotions hidden, only expressing himself when it becomes relevant or absolutely necessary.

Giyu, meanwhile, is utterly discrete and values justice. He keeps to himself, like most ISTJs, with his sentiments coming through more in his inner feelings.

Kageyama, like any other ISTJ, has his priorities set, however he is highly particular about how things should be done.

ISFP: Sasuke Uchiha, Genya Shinazugawa, Yuji Itadori

Introverted, inquisitive, and high perception are personality attributes of the adventurer type. Sasuke’s morals are personal; when others try to persuade him otherwise, he is unmoved by their words and emotions. His disposition is predominantly guarded and secretive.

Genya was formerly a foul-mouthed and irritable individual, who refused to accept aid from others. He showed little interest in being courteous or filling out paperwork.

Itadori Yuji, like other ISFPs, is invigorated and eager about everything he sets his mind to.

ISFJ: Historia Reiss, Hinata Hyuga

ISFJs are renowned in the MBTI community as “The Defenders” because of their empathy and pragmatism. One such example is Hinata Hyuga. We witness her evolve from a shy character to someone who recognizes their own power and strength. She despises confrontation, as do most ISFJs, but as she gets older, she recognizes how important it is for her.

In the same way, Historia adds delicacy to the titanic universe of Shingeki no Kyojin. Even in the most dire and violent situations, she employs her tenderness to soothe the hearts of others.

INFP: Ken Kaneki, Gaara

Ken Kaneki, like other INFP characters, wants to be loyal to himself. Kaneki perceives the world largely via emotional values. He can easily assess others’ moral integrity as well as his own. His ideals are generally internalized, as his thinking usually contrasts with others. INFPs are known for their introverted personalities.

He recognizes how events unfold and how they relate to the greater picture. His idealism stems from Ne, who places a greater emphasis on ‘what if’ instead of ‘what is’.

Gaara, similarly, was an idealist who was usually calm, restrained, and full of sympathy for his colleagues. However, owing to one of the major flaws of the INFP type, he was wrongly misinterpreted.

INFJ: Izuku Midoriya, Armin Arlert

Deku is focused on the future and has a strong desire to succeed. He is incredibly disciplined, ordered, and idealistic. He’s always looking forward and developing plans, devising the greatest solutions to the challenges they’re facing. His Ni functions are highly noticeable in his actions. He has remarkable insight.

Meanwhile, Armin, like the INFJ persona, rarely thinks about the past. Instead, he focuses on how to improve things in the future. He has a knack for springing up with answers almost out of nowhere.

INTP: Kakashi Hatake, L, Pieck

INTPs are knowledgeable and intuitive, and they excel at planning because they lack a regimented lifestyle, allowing them to improvise more effectively. He isn’t concerned with how others feel.

Kakashi, like Pieck, is completely focused on his work. L’s most notable personality feature, like that of other INTPs, is his secrecy.

When he is not researching a case, he seldom leaves the house. He never exposes his face to the public, and communicates nearly entirely through his assistant Watari.

INTJ: Itachi, Lelouch, Light

Itachi had a clear vision and a goal to attain. He even went so far as to prepare for his own death. He was always regarded as a prodigy and a brilliant ninja, yet he stayed to himself during his teens. Itachi was a sharp thinker who could think on his feet.

He was regarded as one of Naruto’s greatest ninjas. He was capable of quickly analyzing other ninja methods and devising efficient responses that exploited their flaws.

Similarly, Lelouch is obsessed with comprehending and controlling his surroundings. He needs to figure things out and feels he can reason his way out of any situation. Light observes the current situation before making plans for the future

ESTP: Meliodas

Meliodas is the definition of an ESTP. He has a laid-back demeanor and appears to be unconcerned about his surroundings. He is not a planner and prefers to live life on the spur of the moment. He isn’t one to make predictions about the future. He’s also incredibly quick to respond in the heat of battle.

ESTJ: Erza Scarlet, Jean Kirstein

Erza has a kind heart and is prepared to go beyond her bounds to defend her convictions. She can respond rapidly in the thick of combat to vanquish opponents with her magic and swordplay. Jean, too, is an excellent leader, despite his claims to the contrary, and he can look at issues clearly and analytically. In some instances, he may be a bit outspoken, even if it might get him into problems.

ESFP: Naruto, Mina Ashido, Sasha Braus

Naruto exudes the spontaneous, fun-loving spirit that ESFP MBTI personalities are known for. Naruto, like many ESFPs, is motivated by his instincts in his early years, seizing chances as they arise and jumping into situations without much thinking.

While they may appear to be extremely joyous with their pals, Mina and Sasha can both be fearsome opponents and brave warriors. They, like the majority of ESFPs, have a high moral conscience and will risk her life doing what they believe is best.

ESFJ: Reiner Braun

Reiner, like most ESFJs, cannot dispose of his responsibilities. He is adamant on achieving his objective, and to cope with pessimism, his memories diminish, allowing him to avoid additional mental distress. He is also highly attentive of others and examines the impact of his behavior, particularly his loved ones.

ENTP: Satoru Gojo, Ryuk, Bulma, Hange

Gojo is a popular favorite thanks to his unusual fun, sense of humor and irreverent nature. He focuses his focus on the larger picture as an ENTP personality.

ENTPs like Ryuk are frequently viewed as overly intelligent for not planning all of their processes and instead preferring to improvise. Bulma and Hange keep in touch with their leadership and spontaneity as seen with the ENTP MBTI personality.

ENTJ: Katsuki Bakugo, Erwin Smith, Madara Uchiha

Katsuki is forthright and loud-mouthed, there’s no denying that, saying exactly what he wants to say, disregarding others’ opinions. Despite his candor, he is perhaps among the most well-liked due to his hard work and practical approach. ENTJs have a strong desire to lead, which is aided by their ability to process difficulties easily.

Erwin, as Commander, must be mindful of his surroundings. Every single human being can be wiped out in a single second of ignorance.

Madara, like any other prominent Te user, seeks to bring order and regulation.

ENFP: Nejire Hado, Chitanda Eru

Nejire is the epitome of an ENFP MBTI personality, insatiably curious, warm and kind. Nejire is equally fascinated by everybody’s uniquequirks and peculiarities. She is fascinated by new and weird things and isn’t scared to ask them pointed and strange questions. Chitanda Eru, meanwhile, is a demure, courteous, and cheerful young lady who is regarded as expressive, sympathetic, and naive.

ENFJ: Tanjiro Kamado, Minato, Monkey D Luffy

Tanjiro’s Extraverted side shines through on his compassion and patience with humans. His ability to look through obstacles and fight for what he believes in demonstrates his strong intuition.

Minato, meanwhile, is another excellent example of an ENFJ MBTI type. He was polite, pleasant, and was eager to protect his people against a variety of threats.

Luffy is at the top of his game when it comes to encouraging others, as indicated by his ENFJ qualities.

That concludes our analysis of each of the MBTI types and the anime characters that best befit them. Please share your personality type in the comments section below.


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