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Akshay Kumar legitimizes Bollywood\’s fixation on revamps

Bollywood\’s fixation on revamps is no confidential. Be it southern blockbusters, unknown dialect movies or old Hindi works of art so far as that is concerned, Bollywood loves to adjust films. While it is contended that revamps mean absence of innovativeness and insatiable nature of creation houses, their are sure celebs who see as nothing off about them.

As of late, entertainer Akshay Kumar talked regarding this situation and shared that their is the same old thing or off-base about adjusting films in various dialects to proliferate them to bigger crowd. He told The Indian Express, \”I was as of late addressed why I am completing two revamps. To which I say, for what reason shouldn\’t I? What is the issue in it? My O My God was revamped in Telugu, the film worked here as well as there, I did their Rowdy Rathore, it worked there as well as here.\”

Akshay further added, \”All in all, for what reason does anybody dislike that? Individuals disapprove of tunes being remixed, why? We are making firsts likewise and revamps moreover. On the off chance that there is a decent south Indian film and we are taking the privileges and changing here, what\’s the issue? Individuals are saying we don\’t have ability here, obviously we have ability here, however in the event that we have loved a story why mightn\’t we at any point revamp it in Hindi?\”


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