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Science Fell in Love’s Finale Launches the Series’ Best Love Triangle Yet

In the season finale, Kanade rejects Naoya just in time to realize what her heart truly desires. And Ayame will gladly help.

Science Fell in Love explores not one but three romances in its second season, adding the Kosuke/Ena pair while also developing Kanade Kotonoha’s own troubled love life in the process. For the most part, Kanade’s love life has been filled with hardship and disappointment, even in high school, but that might be changing in the season finale.

At first, it seemed like Kanade had solid chemistry with the outwardly charming Naoya, but Episodes 11 and 12 prove otherwise. Naoya’s wholesome exterior hides a brutal yandere persona, and Kanade has little choice but to reject him. In so doing, Kanade realizes what her heart truly desires, even if it feels wrong or scary. Her love life will soon be changed forever.

In Episode 12 of Science Fell in Love, Kanade’s date with Naoya at Saitama University’s festival goes awry, and Naoya takes the extreme step of Tasing Kanade and kidnapping her. Kanade awakens in a warehouse with her wrists and ankles tied, and then Naoya explains himself and his motives. Naoya, like Kanade, once struggled with being normal and accepted, to the point where his father routinely beat him and verbally abused him and Naoya ended up in an orphanage.

Naoya thinks that he and Kanade are kindred spirits, being unusual people who are rejected by mainstream “normal” people, but Naoya cannot build a real rapport with Kanade like this. Unlike Kanade, Naoya is self-absorbed, projects his personal baggage onto others and most of all, resorts to criminal acts to get his “normal romance,” and he threatens to do even more.

Kanade’s budding relationship with Naoya vanishes in this episode, and she absolutely does not love him in return. They are very different people, and most importantly, Naoya does not accept Kanade for who she really is. Naoya wrongly thinks he can reshape Kanade into the perfect normal girlfriend for him, and that only aggravates Kanade’s underlying insecurities even more. That is when the cool-headed Yukimura Shinya arrives and makes a presentation on Kanade’s behalf to buy time until the police arrest Naoya and his compatriots.

Shinya explains that all of Kanade’s friends and associates, including her old high school teacher, respect and admire her for who she is, without wanting to change her in the slightest. This is the validation that Kanade always needed, and it speaks to Kanade on an even deeper level than Shinya expects. His support and acceptance of Kanade has since inspired feelings of not just gratitude and friendship, but also true love.

The next morning, when the Saitama science students meet up again in the lab, things are different, and the kind deredere Himuro Ayame doesn’t fail to notice. She speaks up to Shinya, her dialogue echoing her first few lines from Science Fell in Love‘s first episode, when she declared her love for him. However, this time, Ayame doesn’t speak for herself. She informs Shinya that Kanade is fully in love with him, and Kanade, who is present, has a bashful reaction but doesn’t deny any of this. A brand-new love triangle has formed — one much more substantial than the brief Ena/Kosuke/Arika triangle from previous episodes.

Science Fell in Love‘s second season ends on this unexpected but cheerful note, with Ayame getting excited and declaring Kanade her friendly rival in love. She can’t wait to conduct experiments to quantify and analyze Kanade’s love of Shinya, and amusingly, Shinya himself seems exhausted by all this. Just proving his love to Ayame had proved a monumental task, and now he must do it all over again with Kanade as well. Moreover, if Shinya’s girlfriend Ayame supports this idea rather than opposing it, he has no way out. The experiments may never end, and Ayame is fine with that. Now it’s up to Kanade and Shinya to keep up with her boundless enthusiasm for true love and science.


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