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Alia Bhatt to Karan Johar, 6 Bollywood celebrities who own stylish pair of sunglasses

The ultimate fashion industry trend-setters without a question are Bollywood celebs. Most of the time, their fashion choices become really visible, and we anticipate a change in our personal style. Aside from timeless clothing, accessories worn by celebrities have been in high demand. The conventional belief that sunglasses are meant to protect the eyes is one interesting modification that the B-town superstars have made to the fashion industry. Celebrities make sure they always have a pair on hand as a sign of status, fashion, and appeal.

We observe six Bollywood stars who love to flaunt their sunglasses.


Alia Bhatt is one of the most talented and fashionable actresses in the nation. Although she favours simple outfits, she enjoys accessorizing them with shades, and we believe she has a sizable collection to show off. She has worn a variety of sunglasses, including wayfarers, aviators, cat eye frames, and oversized and round styles. She has flaunted everything you can think of. Alia Bhatt’s sunglasses give her distinctive style just the right amount of pizzazz.


Kareena Kapoor Khan obsesses over her sunglasses to the point where we’ve noted that she wears a different pair on almost every excursion. Her sunglasses always change to match her attire, whether she’s going on a family outing, to the gym, or to the airport. She has everything, from oversized frames to traditional aviators, square frames to retro-inspired sunglasses to hexagon tortoise frames, if you look through her style files.


Deepika Padukone swears by sunglasses to maintain her stunning appearance. No matter where she is going, Deepika never leaves the house without her go-to sunglasses. In addition to being a fashion statement, they shield her eyes from the sun and paparazzi camera flashes. Round sunglasses with a John Lennon influence appear to be one of her favourites. Deepika has pulled off everything, giving us huge sunglasses goals, from rocking the tinted sunglasses to oversized pair at the airport to proving that the fad of oversized sunglasses is out and small frames are in.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas usually has a pair of sunglasses on, regardless of the weather. Looking at Chopra’s Instagram page reveals endless images of her soaking up the sun while wearing a variety of vibrant eyewear, from enormous shades to the timeless Wayfarers. She favours the retro-influenced Velvet Canyon as well as Jimmy Choo, Vita Fede, Le Specs, and Dior. Priyanka is a fan of the British independent label DMY BY DMY, which has a particular retro vibe.


If you thought his fashion sense isn’t for the fainthearted Wait until you see Ranveer Singh’s similarly insane sunglasses collection. Ranveer Singh is arguably the only star that embraces unconventional accessories, as evidenced by his collection of sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses, hexagonal sunglasses, square sunglasses, Wayfarers for formal occasions, and a pair of reflectors for a wonderful beach trip are all part of his collection. Ranveer Singh is a figure who can pull off any look with ease, whether it is wayfarers or round, oversized sunglasses. He has a quality that makes even the most basic things appear spectacular.


The actor, director, and producer Karan Johar has a high-end sense of fashion and is frequently spotted wearing outfits from some of the most prestigious global labels. While there are lessons to be learned from his attire, it is also worthwhile to delve deeply into his collection of sunglasses, which go with and enhance every ensemble. Most of the time, his sunglasses are oversized, unconventional, and futuristic. Transparent glasses, aviators, futuristic sunglasses, and tinted sunglasses are all part of the Karan Johar line. He often treats his as the focal point of an ensemble rather than just an accessory, as evidenced by his sunglasses.


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