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JEE Main 2022 Day 6 Session-1 paper analysis: Chemistry predictable, lengthy calculations in Mathematics

The Day 6 of JEE Main 2022 session 1 exam was rated to be easy to moderate on the difficulty level. Students found the Mathematics section to be a little more difficult that the other two sections.

The Day 6 of JEE Main 2022 session 1 exam had some complicated calculations in the Mathematics section, but the questions of Chemistry were quite predictable. Students and experts found this exam to be moderate on the difficulty level.

Students said the Mathematics section had some questions that had time consuming and complicated calculations, which made this section the toughest in the exam. The section had five to six questions from Calculus and Algebra each. These two topics had the majority weightage in the section. There were nearly four questions from Coordinate Geometry and two or three questions from Trigonometry. Chapters such as Vectors, 3D Geometry and Probability too found representation in this paper.

Chemistry section was observed to be quite predictable. About six of the numerical value questions were from Physical Chemistry with two from Inorganic Chemistry, and most of the questions from Organic Chemistry were asked in MCQ form. There was an almost an equal number of questions from the Physical, Inorganic and Organic branches of Chemistry. Chemistry in everyday life, Environmental chemistry too found representation in the paper. The section was mainly based on NCERT syllabus, so students who practiced through NCERT mock tests should have found this section to be predictable and easy.

In the Physics section, “students were tested on the simple level of applicability of concepts. Numerical questions were more in numbers than theoretical questions. Two questions were from modern Physics, six to seven questions from mechanics, not less than four questions from electricity and magnetics and two questions from semiconductors made the bulk of Physics paper besides questions from Thermodynamics and other chapters. Those students who have thoroughly covered the syllabus of XI and XII along with sufficient problem solving through similar types of practice tests will score nicely in this paper,” said Ajay Sharma, National Academic Director, Engineering, AakashBYJU’S.

“The physics portion was moderately tough, chemistry was easy and mathematics was definitely tough. The paper could be considered tougher than the last year on account of math. I attempted 60 questions. I am hoping for the best,” said Anirudh Bhat, Deeksha, Main Campus, Bengaluru.


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