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Chainsaw Man Is One of 2022’s Most Anticipated Anime – But It Won’t Be For Everyone

Manga readers and anime-only fans alike are anticipating the release of Chainsaw Man. But not everyone will have the stomach for it.

The mega-popular series Chainsaw Man is one of the most highly-anticipated anime of 2022. In fact, it’s currently the most anticipated on MyAnimeList, with its biggest competition of the year being titles like My Dress-Up Darling and Spy x Family. Manga readers have been excited for it ever since the confirmation that the famed studio MAPPA was working on it. Like most hyped anime, a lot of people plan to check it out purely because it’s so popular. They want to see what the excitement is about while hoping it lives up to the hype.

While it has the staff and fan base to make it the anime of the year, Chainsaw Man is not going to please everyone. That’s a given with any piece of art, as everyone’s tastes are different. Some like it when their media dives deep and challenges their way of thinking, while others just want to be entertained. However, Chainsaw Man hits a few notes that will be deal-breakers for many. With the news that the anime is going to be completely uncensored, more sensitive anime fans may want to reconsider watching it for two reasons: gore and sexual content.

With a title like Chainsaw Man, gore is to be expected. Going in blind, anime only viewers may assume it’ll be nothing but blood splatters and the occasional serious injury, but this can’t be farther from the truth. Tatsuki Fujimoto utilizes gore in every bit of his work that he can. He litters his landscapes with hoards of dead bodies and is unafraid of drawing characters cut to ribbons. He isn’t afraid of illustrating blood, violence and death. In fact, Fujimoto seems to thrive on it, as the same can be said for his manga Fire Punch.

He also has a particular emphasis on organs in Chainsaw Man. He highlights the importance of the heart in his narrative, but Fujimoto also uses entrails as often as he can. From intestines bursting from a character’s body to them being used like leashes, this series has more gore in a single episode than a good deal of anime do in their entire run.

On top of the gore, Chainsaw Man has a healthy dose of body horror to go along with its gore. Fujimoto draws the devils as grotesque monsters with detail that could rival Junji Ito. Even the main characters are victims of it, namely Denji. His transformations into his chainsaw form are brutal, and his cast mates aren’t much better off. In fact, very few of them last until the end of the series.

When a viewer sees that an anime is known for sexual content, they usually think it is pure fan service for the audience, with characters in various sexual positions and states of undress. This is true for Chainsaw Man, but it goes farther than most shonen titles even dream of.

Sex isn’t talked around in Chainsaw Man, but is instead a focal point. It’s one of main character Denji’s motivations, and the reader is never allowed to forget that. Be it his obsession with head devil hunter Makima or what he shouts in climatic moments, sex is a factor. It isn’t just Denji, however, and it is shown in good and bad lights throughout Chainsaw Man. Sex is a tool for pleasure, but also for control and even transactions. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto shows each of these to different levels without it feeling unnatural.

Just like with the gore, these elements are explicitly portrayed in Chainsaw Man. Some panels and chapter covers are sexual to the point that manga readers wonder how they were allowed to be in Shonen Jump at all. These moments can range from one of the female characters in a spicy outfit to sex scenes that Fujimoto censors in just the right way to avoid any issues. More than enough readers know what’s happening behind those perfectly placed tangles of body parts, though.

Chainsaw Man is further evidence of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s masterful storytelling and artistry, being wholly unique to his style with amazing art and a wild story. His skills with the medium of manga show in every panel of this work, from his imagery to how he draws the reader’s eye across the page. With its second part fast approaching, Chainsaw Man is a modern classic in the making in the eyes of many fans.

However, it will be polarizing in a way that few anime are. Some will praise it for being unashamed and raw, while others will call it disgusting and hate everything about it. Both camps will have a right to their opinion. Regardless, the Chainsaw Man anime will make its mark on the community when it releases.


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