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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Creepiest Stand Rivaled Gojo Satoru’s Ultimate Technique

One of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s most terrifying stands could have given Gojo Satoru’s Hollow Purple a run for its money.

The Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are one of anime’s most unique and diverse power systems. As manifestations of their users’ willpower, no two Stands have exactly the same appearance or capacity; they can range from giving the user cosmic abilities one would attribute to a god or horrifying monstrosities that are the stuff of nightmares. Fittingly, Jojo’s scariest Stand shared a similar ability with Gojo Satoru from the supernatural horror series Jujutsu Kaisen.

During Jojo‘s “Stardust Crusaders” arc, Jotaro Kujo and his compatriots journeyed across Egypt to confront and defeat Dio, freeing Jotaro’s mother from his curse in the process. They faced off against many stand users loyal to Dio during their travels, but none were more dangerous than his most trusted servant, Vanilla Ice. He was made into a vampire after proving his unshakable loyalty to Dio and tasked with utterly destroying the Crusaders before they reached Dio.

For a series known for its mostly conventionally attractive characters and abilities, Vanilla Ice’s stand was anything but. If one managed to get past its gigantic fangs and skull-like appearance, there was still Cream’s terrifying ability to deal with. Its mouth was a portal to an unknown dark dimension, and whatever it managed to swallow or pull into that dimension was lost forever — with the exception of Vanilla Ice himself, who could use his stand as a mode of transportation.

Cream’s greatest danger lay in the fact that it could swallow and transport itself into its own dark dimension, rendering it invisible to the naked eye. In this state, it could still affect objects grounded in that reality — and to an even greater degree. While invisible, whatever Cream came into contact with was instantly transported into its dimension as well. Essentially, it was a ghost that didn’t need to reveal itself to attack and was guaranteed a win, or at least a near-fatal hit if any attacks managed to connect. Whatever it hit would be instantly replaced with an empty space — just like anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the path of Gojo Satoru’s Hollow Purple in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Hollow Purple is the result of Gojo Satoru combining his cursed technique, Blue, with his reverse Cursed Technique, Red. Blue creates a negative space, drawing an attractive force toward its center; Red does the opposite with positive cursed energy, creating a repelling force. When these two abilities combine to create Hollow Purple, they manifest a giant ball that instantly shreds anything it comes into contact with at the atomic level. Just like Cream, there’s no defending against Hollow Purple.

The similarities between Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Gojo and Vanilla Ice in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure end at their abilities’ similar effects — and even those have a few key differences. In Cream’s invisible state, it is equally impossible for it to perceive the real world as it is for Vanilla Ice’s enemies to locate it. Gojo has no such drawbacks; in fact, with his Six Eyes he is constantly much more aware of his surroundings than anyone else is. Cream’s partial blindness leads to a haphazard fighting style that mostly relies on guesswork to verify its opponent’s defeat, whereas Gojo would be acutely aware of the instant he achieved victory.


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