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What are the big management trends in post-pandemic world? Prof Srikant Datar answers

Professor Srikant Datar, Dean of Harvard Business School highlights three big management trends that are emerging in the post-pandemic world as businesses return to normal.

The coronavirus pandemic had many lessons not only for the health sector but also for people in the corporate world, who had to adapt to the changing situation. With the world emerging out of the shadows of the deadly pandemic, slowly, new trends are emerging.

Speaking at the Business Today Masterclass, Prof Srikant Datar, Dean, Harvard Business School said that not only companies have become more open to a digital world but also have realised their responsibility towards society.

“I spoke to nearly 1000 individuals and there were three things that emerged as important trends. One was the focus on digital data work and at some level, the pandemic accelerated by years the speed at which companies are engaging at work,” Professor Srikant Datar said.

He added that business is a force for good if we look at the number of people who have been lifted out of poverty, the products and services that have been created and the kinds of jobs that have been created. “One always looks at government to play a role, but there are some amazing opportunities that come out and the idea that how should a business begin to think about its role in society was the second big thing that came out,” he added.

Professor Datar said that this was in the middle of a pandemic when there was a health crisis, social crisis and economic crisis and people were looking at what role can businesses play.

The third big trend in the post-pandemic world marred by the great reset and the great resignation is how companies should be thinking about the way in which they can engage individuals inside the organisation, the dean added.


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