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Call of the Night Episode 7 Reveals Nazuna’s Seductive Vampire Coven

Episode 7 of Call of the Night introduces Nazuna’s coven of bloodsucking friends, but they’re a pretty wild bunch who annoy Nazuna to no end.

Call of the Night is a new comedy anime found in the Summer 2022 anime season, starring the insomniac male lead Yamori Ko and his wild vampire friend, Nanakusa Nazuna. At first, Call of the Night had a very intimate tone with its tiny cast of characters, but Episode 7 ups the ante with an entire coven of bloodsuckers.

For a time, Call of the Night fans might have been wondering where all the other vampires are, and Episode 7 delivers. Nazuna’s fellow vampires are all seductive ladies with expert strategies for luring victims to their doom, but even so, there’s a distinct rift between Nazuna and the other children of the night. Vampires don’t quite work the way Ko thought they did.

Episode 7 of Call of the Night more than doubles this anime’s cast of characters by introducing five new vampire ladies, most of whom have a keen interest in Ko himself. One of them, the blond Seri, meets Ko first, and she makes it clear that Nazuna has been holding back as a vampire. Unlike Nazuna, who treats Ko like a true friend, Seri is determined to either turn Ko into a vampire or feed on him until he perishes, with no option in between. Normally, vampires only interact with humans for one of those two reasons, meaning Nazuna is the odd one out for playing video games with Ko in her near-empty apartment. For most vampires, playing around with humans like that is not worth the effort if the human will survive the experience.

Nazuna shows her jealous side when she storms onto the scene and kicks Seri away from Ko before Seri can drain Ko of his blood. Seri is a more conventional vampire — a hedonistic aristocrat who sees humans only as food or potential vampire children, and she scorns Nazuna’s attitude toward Ko. It’s a waste of time, Seri thinks, for Nazuna to bother acting like Ko’s human friend when instead, reproduction and gluttony are stronger options. Nazuna is “teasing” Ko by drinking limited amounts of blood and refusing to harm him, and the other vampires cannot accept that.

Until now, Nazana has had it easy and dominated the narrative of Call of the Night, but no longer. If this friendship is so important to Nazuna, she must defend it verbally and physically, and in Episode 7, she does both. This new storyline may show the true depths of Nazuna’s commitment to Ko and her own lifestyle.

One of Seri’s coven friends arrives and takes Ko to the other vampires, and this coven’s members are all in agreement: Ko must either choose a vampire who will turn him, or prepare to face death. Nazuna may be willing to spill the secrets of being a vampire, but this coven’s members are not so generous. They are bound by the rules, being traditionalist vampires who are too cautious to experiment with humans the way Nazuna does. These vampires don’t seem to be an official ruling body, but if they all defend tradition together, Nazuna is effectively out-voted in the vampire community, and Ko might pay the price for it. And if there really are powerful vampire elders out there who wield true authority, things might get even dicier.

For now, though, the vampiric debate is a relatively comedic one, with the coven’s members questioning and teasing Nazuna about her love life. As earlier Call of the Night episodes explained, a human is only turned if that human loves the vampire who is sucking their blood, giving this anime a rom-com element. Sure enough, these vampire ladies all have a keen interest in romance, since it’s a vital component of their reproductive cycle. They indulge in girl talk, as Ko puts it, and Nazuna is put on the defensive when her aversion to true love is mentioned.

The vampires even see Nazuna as an unpopular and unsuccessful reject, only for Ko to rush to Nazuna’s defense. He is practically aromantic, but even so, Ko is determined to fall in love with Nazuna, it doesn’t matter to him if Nazuna follows the coven’s rule book or not. For now, the coven’s members are satisfied with that answer, but time will tell how much patience they have for Nazuna’s rule-breaking ways and her odd relationship with Ko. The stakes are now higher than ever.


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