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Uncle from Another World Reveals Yosuke’s Earliest Days in Granbahamal – And They Were Harsh

Yosuke’s life in Granbahamal is far from ideal, and Episode 5 of Uncle from Another World shows when his difficulties began.

Given that Uncle from Another World focuses on what happens after an isekaied hero returns to his home planet, the series highlights Earth’s events more than those in the alternate world of Granbahamal. All of Yosuke’s experience in the fantastical world is shown through a spell that projects memories, and that remains true up until Episode 5. Most of his experiences are disheartening, and it turns out Yosuke’s suffering began the moment he arrived at Granbahamal.

It isn’t the first time Yosuke’s early days as an adventurer are explored in Uncle from Another World. Right after he woke up from his lengthy coma, he explained his circumstances to Takafumi, including how he’d been treated as an Orc variant — then the flashback suddenly jumped to him meeting a tsundere elf. Episode 5 finally provides viewers with the whole narrative of Yosuke’s earliest experiences in Granbahamal.

The event that prompted revisiting Yosuke’s earlier days was a supposed assassination attempt on him. A flashback showed a hooded figure following him, then attacking when the time was ripe. It was soon revealed that Yosuke’s assailant was Mabel, the guardian of the God Freezing Sword. Yosuke managed to calm and drag her into his room at the inn. Inside, he unknowingly proposed to her — an act he also did to the elf. This proposal led to a series of events, which ended up with Mabel freezing Yosuke for an entire night.

While the poor main character served his time as a human popsicle, the two girls had a short chat. Mabel confessed the main reason she was attracted to Yosuke was that he hailed from Japanbahamal, meaning they belonged to the same bloodline. She further explained that her ancestor from four centuries ago was also from Japanbahamal. This man was granted the Sword Freezing Sword as a special gift from God, prompting the trio on Earth to wonder whether Yosuke received a special gift as well.

To learn the truth, Yosuke rewound his memories to when he first arrived at Granbahamal. It turns out his body had been recreated, from the very bones all the way up to his skin. He then wandered around, only to be found by a few adventurers. Unfortunately, Yosuke’s heinous looks caused the adventurers to mistake him for an Orc variant, resulting in them hunting him.

At that moment, the supposed God’s message was drowned by the adventurers’ noise. When Yosuke increased the playback’s volume, the present-day group realized the message wasn’t coded in Japanese, making it impossible for Yosuke to decipher even if he did hear it. Takafumi used his phone to translate the message and learned that it was asking for Yosuke’s wish.

The only thing Yosuke had wanted at the moment was for him and the adventurers to understand each other, and thus he was granted a translation skill — which he would’ve gotten just after reaching a certain place. Worst of all, Yosuke was later sold as an Orc who could understand human language, and at a very cheap price. It will be interesting to see if more of Yosuke’s isekai past is revealed when Uncle from Another World continues — and if the memories get any brighter.


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