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EXCLUSIVE: “The Kashmir Files is the SLOWEST film ever made. It’s made by an unknown director whom Bollywood never took seriously. Yet, it ended up making Rs. 250 crores” – Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma spoke to Bollywood Hungama exclusively wherein he shared his views about the recent films like KGF – Chapter 2, The Kashmir Files and RRR. Ram Gopal Varma said, “Two films that have f**ked up everything are KGF – Chapter 2 and The Kashmir Files. They are the opposite ends of the spectrum. The scary part of KGF – Chapter 2 is that nobody in Bollywood liked it. When a film you didn’t like does such numbers, you’ll be confused and you don’t know what to do.”

He continued, “A very big director of Bollywood told me, ‘Ramu, I tried to watch it 5 times but I couldn’t go beyond half an hour’. He then got back to working on the script for his next film. While arguing over a scene, his scriptwriter reasoned, ‘But this kind of scene worked in KGF – Chapter 2, right?’! There’s a line in Hollywood, ‘You can argue with content, but you can’t argue with success’! Hence, whether or not you liked it, you can’t ignore its success. KGF – Chapter 2 is like a ghost hovering over Bollywood (laughs)!”

Speaking about the Vivek Agnihotri-directorial, RGV stated, “The Kashmir Files is no less. It’s made by an unknown director whom Bollywood never took seriously. Anupam Kher was the most known actor in the film. Yet, it ended up making Rs. 250 crores domestically.”

He added, “(Producer) Madhu Mantena is my nephew. He saw the film on the fourth day and told me that he found it fantastic. He also said, ‘No wonder it’s such a big hit’. I asked him, ‘If you had seen this film a week or two before release, would you have bought the theatrical rights even for Rs. 10 crores?’. He said, ‘No’. When the numbers are there, you have no choice but to acknowledge it.”

Ram Gopal Varma stated, “The Kashmir Files was the slowest film ever made. It goes against whatever we, as filmmakers, learnt what not to be made. There’s no screenplay, no first or second act, no interval and no climax. And people are going gaga over it! I don’t think that in the last 20 years, anybody would have seen a film more seriously than they saw The Kashmir Files.”

When asked what are his thoughts on RRR, Ram Gopal Varma replied, “I told this to S S Rajamouli also that RRR for me is like a circus. And I don’t mean it in a bad way. The circus usually reminds us of clowns. But the truth is that in a circus, there’s so much happening. In RRR, the scene where Ram Charan and Jr NTR rescue the boy, reminded me of Junglee Circus as it involves people holding ropes and swinging here and there. So it was something exotic.”

“But KGF – Chapter 2 is different,” he made it clear and added, “It is a very rooted story and belongs to the zone of the Amitabh Bachchan films of the 70s, which we thought has become completely outdated. It belonged to the ‘Mere paas maa hai’ type of film. Prashanth Neel made it in the most unrealistic way possible. Remember the ‘badi maa’ scene? He is firing from a machine gun; why would the jeeps go up in the air? Can anybody answer (laughs)? But me asking the question is my stupidity. That’s the whole point I am trying to make.”

Does Ram Gopal Varma mean he didn’t like KGF – Chapter 2? He replied, “It’s not like I didn’t like the film. I can’t get the right word. I would say, I was flummoxed. I was watching with my mouth open. Like, ‘F**k, what?’!”

RGV signed off by stating, “The so-called filmmakers look for logic. And when a logic-less film like KGF – Chapter 2 breaks all records, what the f**k do you do then?”


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