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Former Shark Tank India judge Ashneer Grover reveals how he rejected Virat Kohli for an ad even though he was getting Anushka Sharma in package deal

Shark Tank India season one judge Ashneer Grover brought a lot of sass and sarcasm on season one of the show. He is also a great story-teller with a repertoire of interesting anecdotes. He reveals how he once planned to bring Virat Kohli on board as a brand ambassador. As we know, the former Indian captain is one of the most sought-after faces in the country. He told an online platform that he once thought of getting Virat Kohli on board. It seems the cricketer’s agency quoted a specific amount. He refused to divulge the sum as he feels Virat Kohli might feel offended. He said that team of Virat Kohli also said that Anushka Sharma would come as part of the package deal.

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It seems the agency or person had quoted a huge sum. Ashneer Grover says he told the person that he did not have to sell sherwanis like the famous brand, Manyavaar. He said that it was done before by them. When the agency said no other player was worth it, Ashneer Grover gave him an idea. He told him to divide the fee quoted for Virat Kohli by two and get 11 players for half the amount. Instead of the captain, he went for 11 other players in half the amount.

This is not all. It seems he even narrated the story to Virat Kohli. It seems the captain was not upset knowing that Ashneer Grover rejected the proposal and got 11 other players instead for the campaign. He told him, “It’s a very good business.” Well, Virat Kohli is also an entrepreneur and knows business.

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