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5 celebrities who married a fan

Five celebrities who married a fan

Love is unpredictable and Hollywood know it well. We are used to thinking of movie stars as unattainable idols and sometimes we even  wanted to marry them. Here, someone succeeded: some famous celebrities of Hollywood had an affair with their big fans and some ended up marrying them. Here are the celebrity couples made up of VIPs who married a fan.

1. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, at the time of the TV series “Dawson’s Creek”, stated that “the actor was the forbidden dream of every girl” and to have the poster in the room. The first meeting between the two took place in April 2005 and after a short time the relationship was born, which lasted about 6 years.

2. Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso

The story of the meeting between the two is really from the movie. The actor met the Argentine Luciana Barroso in a bar in Miami where he was filming, while she worked there as a waitress. The woman, who was already a fan of the actor, helped him escape other admirers who annoyed him and at that moment the spark burst from which their love story was born.

3. Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman

The couple married in 2012 after several years of acquaintance. After the wedding, her husband and producer Shulman said he was a longtime admirer of the actress.

4. Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow

The first meeting took place at a Coldplay concert that the actress was attending and so Martin ‘s assistant asked her to come backstage. The singer-songwriter and musician declared his love to the actress and the two got married.

5. Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet

The actor stated that he had a crush on Lisa Bonet at a very young age, when she, older than 11 years, starred in the TV series “I Robinson”. It seems that Jason told the truth to his wife only after the second child together so as not to scare her.

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