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Shark Tank India 2 pitcher takes a pot-shot at Aman Gupta’s disgust towards composting: ‘Not going to talk to someone like him’

The new week on Shark Tank India 2 started with three pitchers — Prime Book, ABC Sports and Daily Dump, pitching in the tank. All three entrepreneurs received an investment from sharks, however, it was Poonam Bir Kasturi (Daily Dump) that left them impressed.

The businesswoman from Bengaluru pitched her compost company to the sharks and demanded Rs 80 lakh for 4 per cent equity. She spoke about how kitchen waste can be used in farming using her products. Kasturi, who has been awarded for her efforts, clearly mentioned, “Mujhe award nahi paise chaiye (I need money not awards).”

As she spoke about how her product works, Aman Gupta questioned whether that leads to bad odour in the house. The boAt co-founder added that he feels disgusted even thinking of keeping kitchen waste in the house. While Poonam initially laughed at his comments, she went ahead and showed manuals that teach people about how to use the product. Taking a dig at him, she added, “We decided on creating symbols for composting. We are not going to talk to people like him, because he’s not going to come anywhere close to using this.”

Her comment left the sharks in splits, as Vineeta Singh mentioned how one needed intelligence to understand composting, while Namita Thapar said they also needed to be evolved. Poonam also took on Anupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh, as she gave them a lesson or two on eco-friendly products.

Daily Dump was started in 2006, and Poonam Kasturi mentioned how they built a category and created demand for their product. At the end of the pitch, Namita Thapar offered her Rs 30 lakh for 4 per cent and Rs 50 lakh as debt for 10 per cent interest. The businesswoman also added that she had given her an award three years back and is now giving her ‘money’. She also lauded Kasturi for taking on the sharks.

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