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5 new OTT platform releases to binge-watch this week

With a new slate of OTT releases this week, it is going to get intense with ‘The Romantics’ & ‘The Night Manager’, which are already trending across numerous platforms. This week, numerous new films are debuting on OTT platforms and in theatres. This week’s new OTT releases are expected to significantly increase the level of entertainment. To view the full list of fresh shows and films coming to various OTT platforms, scroll down.

List of 5 OTT platform releases to binge-watch this week:


February 24, Lionsgate Play

Stories of exorcism are a dime in a dozen. But how do you eliminate a demon possessing multiple people, spreading like an epidemic? The answers lie in Prey for the Devil. Directed by Daniel Stamm, the story is a pulse-pounding thriller, set at a time when there is a rise in demonic possessions across the globe. Mapping the life of a young nun’s journey into her past and how she has been hounded by spirits since she was a child, the movie will have you clutching your fist in fear.


February 22, Netflix

‘Operation Finale’, a new Netflix original series set in the 1960s, promises nonstop excitement. The spy thriller centres on an Israeli spy who, together with his colleagues, agree to the challenging job of apprehending Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. The film, which is based on true events, features a cast that includes Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley, Lior Raz, Melanie Laurent, and Nick Kroll.


February 22, Disney+ Hotstar

‘Call It Love’, a brand-new Korean television series from Disney+ Hotstar, is among the many intriguing new OTT releases this week. The compelling Korean drama centres on a woman whose life takes an unexpected turn after her father’s abrupt death. Lee Sung-Kyung and Kim Young-Kwang play the key characters. When she prepares to exact revenge on her father’s mistress after she is expelled from the house, she finds herself falling for the mistress’ son instead.


February 22, MX Player

The second season of ‘Heirs of Night’ centres on the five last vampire clans in Europe who band together to free the world from Dracula’s never-ending evil. The young ones will now be permitted to attend a special school for vampires while the adults put their disagreements aside. Would these young vampires from these many clans be able to put aside their differences and end the world’s suffering?


February 23, Disney+ Hotstar

This week, the sixth and last season of ‘Snowfall’ from Disney + Hotstar will debut. The sixth season concentrates on the internal civil war that threatens to split the Saint family apart since the fifth season finished with Franklin and his family attaining riches beyond their aspirations. Will Franklin and his family members remain together as the situation in South Central Los Angeles becomes more serious, or will greed drive them apart?

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