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‘The first car that I bought with my own money…’: Virat Kohli recalls

Virat Kohli owns a fleet of cars including the likes of Porsche, Audi, BMW, Range Rover, and Bentley, among others. But not many would know which was Kohli’s first car that he bought with his own money.

In a recent conversation on Star Sports, Kohli revealed that it was none other than the Safari, and he also spoke about a hilarious reason behind buying the Safari as his first car.

“The first car that I bought with my own money was Safari. At that time, Safari used to be the car upon seeing which people used to clear the road on their own. That was the motivation behind buying the Safari, not how it runs or whether it has enough space or not,” said Kohli.

Kohli also said how his preference of four wheelers changed over the years from opting for a sports car in the past to now SUVs for the family.

While Kohli is known for his love for cars, in another interview recently the star acknowledged many cars he brought have been impulsive buys that he later ended up selling.

Speaking on RCB’s YouTube channel during a recent photoshoot, Kohli said, “Most of the cars I used to own were impulsive buys, I ended up hardly driving or travelling in them as well. Beyond a point, I was like this is pointless, so I ended up selling most of them and now we only use what we absolutely need to.

“I think it is also part of growing up and being more aware and mature about things as well. You don’t feel like owning ‘toys’ as such, it is about being practical,” he added.

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