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Vetrimaaran met Jr NTR, Allu Arjun, and Mahesh Babu to pitch films: My Telugu debut could be a multi-starrer, he jokes

Director Vetrimaaran was in Hyderabad recently and during a press meet, he had some revelations when it came to his Telugu debut. Turns out that had things gone well Vada Chennai (2018) would be a completely different film starring Allu Arjun in a key role. “After Aadukulam (2011), I came here to meet Allu Arjun and he even met me later in Chennai. He was interested to foray into Tamil and asked me if I had a role in mind for him,” the director said, adding, “I pitched him a powerful role in Vada Chennai, the film that released was not what I had in mind back then. But things didn’t work out.”

Turns out, the director had met another Telugu actor too while he was in Hyderabad. “I also met Mahesh Babu at the same time, but things didn’t materialise,” he said. However, the director is now in talks with Jr NTR, he admits. “I met Jr NTR after Asuran (2019) and post the lockdown. We are in talks now, a film is bound to happen,” he says. Vetrimaaran however says that it will take time for it to go on-floors. “I take my time to make films, it takes a lot of time for me to finish a film and move on to the next. So that’s the problem,” he adds.

When asked if his first Telugu film will be with Jr NTR or Allu Arjun, the director was cryptic in his response, “Time will tell.” He even went along with the suggestion that it could be a multi-starrer.

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