4 Types Of Sarees That Are A Must-Have In Every Indian Women’s Closet

Sarees are one of the most important symbols of Indian culture. Every Indian feels proud draping a saree and beautifully representing their nationality. There are a plethora of varieties in the market today when it comes to saree. But there are a few classic sarees that are authentic in representing India and never go out of style. Read on to learn more about four Indian sarees that are timeless and are a must-have in every Indian’s closet.

Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are the oldest and most traditional type of sarees. Banarasi Silk is a prime example of superb craftsmanship. These exquisitely crafted sarees arrived in India with the Mughals. The result of this specific blending of two different civilizations and the outstanding enthusiasm of the Mughals is the Banarasi Silks of today. Banarasi silk sarees remain among the best traditional sarees. It has become well known for its grandeur and “Zari”, or gold and silver brocade. These sarees’ distinctive features are their designs, which draw inspiration from Mughal art. It has frequently been embellished with elaborate foliage and floral patterns. Indian brides most frequently wear Banarasi sarees.

Kanjivaram Saree

The history, culture, and mythology of South India are all woven into the tale of the Kanjivaram silk saree. The 400-year-old Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram “pattu” weave originated in the little Tamil Nadu town of Kanchipuram. The popularity of the Kanjivaram silk saree is still high in 2023. When it comes to bridal attire, it actually ranks among the most popular saree types, giving the North Indian Banarasi Silk some stiff competition. Bollywood actresses renowned for their ethnic style are frequently seen wearing stunning Kanjivaram sarees at formal events.

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Chiffon Saree

The mesh-like weaving of the chiffon fabric gives chiffon sarees a lovely translucent look. Designers frequently utilise this lovely fabric to produce stunning outfits. In addition to being gorgeous, chiffon sarees are also breathable. Apart from the slightly rough texture, these sarees are fantastic for the summer because they are a pleasant fabric to wear and give off the ideal appearance during social gatherings like parties.

Bandhani Saree

The inescapably stunning bandhani sarees are made using a unique procedure called bandhani. The name “Bandhani” is derived from “Boond”, which denotes a drop with a dark core. These sarees are created with striking white or contrasting designs and motifs in vivid red, yellow, green, and many other stunning colours. The most renowned bandhani sarees now made are produced in Gujarat and Rajasthan. These sarees are well-recognised in the contemporary fashion industry in addition to being a part of the Indian heritage.

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