9 Interesting Facts About Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was known in many forms throughout her life. The Iron Lady of India during the 70s, the only woman Prime Minister, was the soul of the Congress. She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru and remained one of the most memorable names in Indian history to create her legacy. However, these are commonly known facts about Indira Gandhi. But we revealed a few more interesting things to help you understand his personality and his skills as a famous politician.

1. He Served as pa in PM’s Office

When his father Jawaharlal Nehru took over, he was a young adult though Nehru chose him as his first personal assistant thanks to Indira’s bright character and intellect. From there she went on to learn the art of governance from one of the best hands.

2. Former PM Day

Prior to assuming the role of Prime Minister, he served as a Minister in the Department of Information and Broadcasting. This happened for a brief period during L.K. Advani’s cabinet.

3. Gandhi Story

People always misunderstand Indira Gandhi for belonging to Mahatma Gandhi’s family. Although the Nehru family was always closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s family. But Indira did not get this name from them. Her husband, Feroze Gandhi, did not belong to the famous Gandhi family.

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4. During His Tenure

US President Richard Nixon called Indira Gandhi an ‘old witch’ after deciding to sign an agreement with the Soviet Union. This was during the era of high tensions and side choices between India and Pakistan. Nixon wanted Pakistan to have the support of the US, so he chose his international enemies as his ally.

5. President Friend

Indira maintained friendly relations with United States President Linda Johnson, who often visited him and attended the dinners hosted by him. Women power brings us all together. Am I right?

6She Burned The British Doll

Indira developed an extremely determined character after seeing her father and the entire nation struggling against British imperialism. From an early age, he had learned to boycott British goods. Because he experienced that accepting those goods strengthens the British economy. She is known for burning her own toys, which were made in England.

7. She Conducted The First Nuclear Test

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Indira Gandhi was a visionary in diverse fields. She was the first leader to take steps towards making India a global nuclear power who eventually conducted a successful nuclear bomb test called Smiling Buddha at Pokhran.

8. His Own Party

While everyone knew Indira Gandhi as the face of the Indian National Congress, she broke away from the Indian National Congress in 1978 and formed her own party. It was called Congress I, for which she was defamed. She won the 1980 Lok Sabha elections but was severely condemned after it ended.

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9. Death- In 1984

he was killed by his personal bodyguards over a quarrel with the Sikh community. His tomb is in Rajghat, Delhi.

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