Arjun Kapoor has always tried to engage with audiences on the internet by coming up with cool digital properties. He launched Arjun Recommends that has gained quite a following because of his eclectic content recommendations. Now, he is starting another digital IP called ‘Bak Bak with Baba’ that sees the actor talk to his industry friends and family to unearth things that people might not know about.

Arjun says, “We live in a digital era where one has the liberty to create some cool, conversation-starting campaigns. I have always liked to be at the forefront to create something new for my audience and fans on the internet. My recent digital IP will give everyone a sneak peek into things that might not have been known about their favourite stars.”

About Bak Bak with Baba’s content format strategy, Arjun says, “It is a fun, endearing, informal chat session with my family, friends, and colleagues about their likes and passions. Everyone in the industry knows that I’m a chatterbox. I can talk about anything under the sun. So, this digital IP is going to be called Bak Bak with Baba.”

Arjun’s sister Janhvi Kapoor will be the first guest. He says, “This is because we happened to shoot for a fashion magazine together and out of the blue, I came up with this idea. She was sporting enough to field some questions thrown at her by me and she didn’t hold back either.”

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