Bollywood Film Characters Who Changed The Fashion Trend In India
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Bollywood Film Characters Who Changed The Fashion Trend In India

Bollywood has influenced fashion trends in India for decades and films play a very important role in the changing trend. From casual wear to party wear, hairstyles to nose rings and eye makeup to lip shades, people follow their favorite celebrities. Here is a list of Bollywood film characters who changed the fashion trend in India.

Radhe aka Salman Khan: Tere Naam

When Salman Khan does something, he doesn’t do it alone. His fans do that with him. Bollywood film ‘Tere Naam’ is a living example of this.

Radhe Bhaiya’s hairstyle was more in trend than Radhe Bhaiya. From autodrivers to college boys, from shopkeepers to truck drivers – everyone had long beach demanding hair. The ‘Tere Naam’ hairstyle was adopted on a large scale.

People still want to keep this hairstyle sometimes. Thus, Radhe from the film Tere Naam was a Bollywood character who changed the fashion trend.

Pooja aka Kareena Kapoor Khan: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Pooja is a character from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham that created a huge stir in Bollywood and the fashion industry, which people still haven’t forgotten.

Crop tops, bootcut bottoms, fur, sharara, bralettes as tops, nude lips, animal prints and metallic nails are some of the things that Pooja brought into fashion and changed the fashion trend in India. It would not be wrong to say that women still do not recover from the fashion trends of this Bollywood character.

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The song ‘Bole Chudiyan, Bole Kangana’ became such a hit among women that they confidently asked the shopkeepers, ‘Bole Chudiyawala Pink Sharara Dena’. Ironically, people didn’t know the name of the costume, they knew the name of the character or the scene in which the costume appeared.

Geet aka Kareena Kapoor Khan: Jab We Met

This character taught us self-love, happiness and the meaning of being our favorite. At the same time, he is bold, fearless, ready for challenges and cheerful. That Patiala salwar became a major fashion trend with a long bangles and shoes. Also, we all went crazy about his Patiala suit and updated our wardrobe with long skirts and denim jackets. Thus, the song is one of those Bollywood film characters who changed the fashion trend in India.

Veronica aka Deepika Padukone: Cocktail

Deepika Padukone has always set high standards with her acting skills, looks and fashion. Her Bollywood film Cocktail inspired many new fashion trends in India. After this film, people could be seen wearing olive T-shirts, Aztec printed skirts, brown shorts and printed palazzo pants. Also, her smokey eyes and gold sequined dress have become a fashion outfit for cocktail parties.

Bunny aka Ranbir Kapoor: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Bunny showed us the meaning of achieving our goals while living our lives to the fullest. Bani’s character was not only unique, but also dashing and stylish. Checked shirt, faded denim, cargo pants, leather jacket, quilted jacket, chikankari black kurta, are some of Ranbir Kapoor’s fashionable outfits in the film. Not to forget that Ranbir Kapoor’s solid navy blue suit is something that every guy wants to see. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is so widely popular and loved that Bani’s film character inspired fashion trends in India.

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Jordan aka Ranbir Kapoor: Rockstar

Jordan, the symbol of rebellion in his character, has influenced many fashion trends around the world. He rebels against the system, and stops caring about anything that people think of him and wear what he wants. His long, oversized black kurta, military and qawwal jacket have all become a fashion rage among people. In addition, he made chains and guitars a symbol of mainstream resistance.

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