Boman Irani reveals why Aamir Khan would make a great marketing teacher

Boman Irani and Aamir Khan have worked together in one of the best films of Bollywood- 3 Idiots. Even after years of its release, every aspect of the film is fondly remembered. Recently, in an exclusive chat with Boman Irani was asked what he would pick as an alternate profession for Aamir Khan and he had an interesting response.

When asked what Aamir Khan would do if not for an actor, Boman Irani said, “Aamir Khan could be a great teacher in marketing. I heard one of his sessions he had at IIM on how to market something. All the professors were listening to him. He is a great teacher when it comes to wiz marketing.”

Further when asked about what Arshad would do if not an actor, Boman said, “People don’t know about his dancing abilities. I think he has not explored that at all. No has dared to explore it. Also, I think if somebody gives him a great script, I think he will be a great director also because he is a sensitive soul. I think he gives the impression that I am going to make this comedy, but I think he can make a very sensitive film.” Arshad and Boman have worked together in multiple films including the Munnabhai franchise and Jolly LLB among others.